Syria Analysis: Adopting “Wait and See”, US Buries Its $500 Million “Train-and-Equip” Program for Rebels

PHOTO: US President Barack Obama The Obama Administration has formally buried its $500 million program to train and equip Syria’s rebels against the Islamic State. Unnamed Administration officials told The

KHAMENEI 09-09-15

Iran Daily: Supreme Leader “Forced Saudi Arabia to Change Its Behavior”

PHOTO: Iran’s Supreme Leader addresses crowd in Tehran, September 9 Iran is claiming victory in its PR campaign against Saudi Arabia, with a representative of the Supreme Leader declaring that

Syria Daily: Regime-Russian Offensive Tries to Advance on 3 Fronts in the West

Syria Daily: Regime-Russian Offensive Tries to Advance on 3 Fronts in the West

PHOTO: White Helmets rescuers help victims of Russian bombing of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province on Thursday LATEST Islamic State Advances Near Aleppo City Russia Denies Misfired Cruise Missiles Hit

Syria Daily: Conflicting Claims Over Regime-Russian Offensive in Hama Province

Syria Daily: Conflicting Claims Over Regime-Russian Offensive in Hama Province

PHOTO: Rebels on the frontline in northern Hama Province LATEST Activists: 20 Killed, 30 Injured by Car Bomb and Regime Attack in Aleppo Province US Officials: Misfired Russian Cruise Missiles

Protesters use their shoes to hit defaced poster of Syria's President Al-Assad during demonstration in front of Syrian embassy in Ankara

Syria Op-Ed: “Let Mr Assad Go and Let the Refugees Come Back Home”

PHOTO: Protesters at the Syrian Embassy in Turkey, June 2011, in front of an Assad poster: “Murderer. Go Away” (Umit Bektas/Reuters) Lina Sergie Attar — writer, architect and co-founder of


Iran Daily: Supreme Leader Cuts Off Government’s “Engagement” Foreign Policy

PHOTO: Khamenei: Negotiations with the US Are Forbidden! (Mana Neyestani) In a firm message on Wednesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader shut down the Rouhani Government’s foreign policy of “engagement” of the

KHAMENEI 07-10-15

Iran Analysis: Supreme Leader Slaps Down Rouhani’s “Naive” Foreign Policy & Talks with US

PHOTO: Supreme Leader addresses naval staff and their families in Tehran on Wednesday The Supreme Leader has launched an attack on the “engagement” foreign policy of the Rouhani Government, repeating


Iran Daily, Oct 7: Top Presidential Aide “Mecca Stampede Was Plot by Israel’s Mossad”

PHOTO: Presidential aide and former Intelligence Minister Ali Younesi speaks on Tuesday LATEST Presidential Advisor: “Historic Decision” by Parliament Next Sunday on Nuclear Deal WEDNESDAY FEATURE Analysis: Supreme Leader Slaps

Syria Daily: Is a Regime-Russian Ground Offensive Imminent?

Syria Daily, Oct 7: Regime-Russian Ground Offensive Launched in Hama Province

PHOTO: Russian airstrike on Talbiseh in northern Homs Province last Wednesday LATEST Despite Obama Opposition, Kerry Raising Possibility of No-Fly Zone Amid NATO Criticism, Russia to Turkey “Let’s Avoid Misunderstanding


Syria Special: Documenting Russia’s Airstrikes

PHOTO: Russian fighters and bombers lined up on runway on airbase in western Syria A month ago the blog Live Journal published a comprehensive analysis establishing the extent of the


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