Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

US Audio Analysis: How Civil Rights Collapsed in Ferguson — Scott Lucas with the BBC

Author Bonnie Greer and I joined BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where protests continued against the August 9 killing of unarmed


Iraq Daily: US Considers Expanding Airstrikes Into Anbar Province in West

A day after President Obama acknowledged that US military operations have moved beyond humanitarian assistance to support of a counter-offensive against the Islamic State, the Pentagon has pushed for airstrikes


Iran Daily: Hardliners Attack Rouhani With Attempt to Remove Science Minister

LATEST: Journalist Saba Azarpeyk Released on Bail UPDATE 1945 GMT: In a defeat for President Rouhani, the Majlis has removed Science Minister Reza Faraji-Dana after an impeachment vote. After Faraji-Dana


Gaza Daily: The War Resumes; Israel Tries to Assassinate Hamas Leader Deif

UPDATE 1915 GMT: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has pointed to continuing war in an evening press conference, “We will continue until the goal is reached….Who says we gave up on


Syria Daily: Islamic State Executes Journalist James Foley, Threaten to Kill Stephen Sotloff

LATEST: Confirmed — 100s of Liwa al-Tawhid Fighters Join Free Syrian Army for Aleppo Fight v. Islamic State UPDATE 1745 GMT: President Obama has denounced the Islamic State’s killing of

SYRIA OBAMA --- USED 23-08-13

Syria Feature: On Eve of Anniversary of Assad’s Chemical Attacks, Obama Celebrates “Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Just over 48 hours before the 1st anniversary of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attacks near Damascus, President Obama has issued a statement of celebration: Today we mark an important

Iraq Daily: Obama Signals Expanded US Operations as He Claims Kurdish Capture of Mosul Dam

Iraq Daily, August 19: Obama Signals Expanded US Operations as He Claims Kurdish Capture of Mosul Dam

LATEST: Islamic State Pushes Back Iraqi Army’s Move on Tikrit UPDATE 1600 GMT: Kurdish peshmerga atop the Mosul Dam: Interrupting his summer vacation for meetings and a news conference in


Iran Daily, August 19: Nuclear Shift? Tehran Lashes Out at International Atomic Energy Agency

In a notable shift in nuclear rhetoric, Iran’s media and former officials shifted from praise to criticism of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday. On Sunday the regime hailed


Syria Daily, August 19: Assad Regime Claims “Reconciliation” Deal in Damascus Suburb

LATEST: Islamic State Claims Beheading of Journalist James Foley, Threatens To Execute Journalist Steven Sotloff TUESDAY FEATURE On Eve of Anniversary of Assad’s Chemical Attacks, Obama Celebrates “Elimination of Weapons

A Palestinian man salvages belongings from the Shejaia neighbourhood of Gaza City

Gaza Daily, August 19: Temporary Ceasefire Collapses

LATEST: UN — Gazans “Will Not See Improvement for 15 Years” Unless Blockade Lifted UPDATE 1545 GMT: The temporary ceasefire collapsed on Tuesday afternoon, with Gazan rocket fire on southern


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