Syria Feature: The Regime, The Islamic State, & Assad’s Strategy of Manipulation & Deception

On the Atlantic Council’s website, former Syrian diplomat Bassam Barabandi discusses the Assad regime’s strategy of manipulation and distraction to fend off international intervention in the civil war. He concludes:

ISIS in Mosul

Iraq Feature: Islamic State Denies Ordering Female Genital Mutilation in Mosul

Writing in Foreign Policy, David Kenner knocks backs reports that the jihadist Islamic State ordered all women and girls in the Iraqi city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation.


Iran Feature: Tehran Detains 3 Journalists, Including Washington Post’s Rezaian

Iran has detained The Washington Post correspondent in Tehran, Jason Rezaian (pictured); Rezaian’s wife, Yeganeh Salehi; and two freelance journalists. US officials and the Post confirmed the detentions on Thursday.

Iran Daily: Supreme Leader Supports Gaza — By Condemning Iran’s “Sedition” in 2009

The Supreme Leader found a new way on Thursday to condemn the mass protests after the disputed 2009 Presidential election — he linked the Islamic Republic’s fight against “sedition” to


Syria Daily: The Battle Between Assad & Islamic State Resumes

LATEST: 1st Post-Resolution UN Aid Crosses Border Into Syria Further confirmation on Thursday that an effective non-aggression arrangement between the jihadist Islamic State and the Assad regime has been broken,

Israel & Palestine Summary: West Bank Protests Escalate – 2 Palestinians Killed

Israel & Palestine Summary: West Bank Protests Escalate – 2 Palestinians Killed

Two Palestinians have been killed and more than 150 injured, as protests surged in the West Bank, supporting Gazans in the 16-day war with Israel. The men were killed by

Israel & Gaza Daily: Death Toll Passes 800 as Israel Kills 15 in UN Shelter

Israel & Gaza Daily: Death Toll Passes 800 as Israel Kills 15 in UN Shelter

Gaza’s death toll passed 800 on Thursday in the 16-day war with Israel, as the Israelis killed at least 15 people in a United Nations shelter. Meanwhile, in escalating protests


EA’s Summer Break

We’re taking a summer break to recharge and look at the next stage of EA WorldView’s development. The Daily sections — Syria, Iran, Israel/Palestine, & Iraq — will return on

Smoke and fire from an Israeli bomb rises into the air ove Gaza City

Israel-Gaza Feature: Palestinian NGOs Call For End to War & Human Rights Violations

Palestinian NGOs have issued a written statement to the United Nations Human Rights Council condemning “Israel’s unlawful targeting of civilians, civilian objects, and civilian property” in Gaza. The NGOs, which include


Gaza 1st-Hand: “Mr Obama, Spend 1 Night With Us in Shifa Hospital”

“Mr. Obama, spend one night with us in Shifa hospital, it would change history.” In a striking letter dated July 19, describing the horror and trauma in Gaza’s Shifa hospital,


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