A screengrab from a video of Israel’s drone strikes on the Isfahan region in central Iran, April 19, 2024

Israel’s “Demonstration” Strikes Inside Iran

EA on Pat Kenny Show: How Will Israel Respond to Iran’s Strikes?

I joined outlets in Ireland, Qatar, the UK, Australia, Poland, and France on Friday to analyze Israel’s “demonstration” strikes inside Iran and what is likely to happen next in the region, including Gaza.

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I speak with Yvonne Yong about the details of the Israeli strikes, including their targets and the limited damage; the position of the US and the international community; and the open questions about the region, including Gaza.

We’re already in a critical situation in Gaza, on a day-to-day basis. That receded because of the Iran aspect, but now we go back to it — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might be held back from attacking Iran directly, but he may not be held back from attacking Rafah, with humanitarian consequences for 1.5 million Gazans.

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Israel is saying to Iran, “You can’t attack us without some type of response” — just as Iran said that to Israel. Both countries have done that in such a way to avoid direct confrontation.

But the “indirect war” between the two countries has been going on for years.

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An extract from my discussion with UK outlet Talk TV, turning attention from Israel and Iran to a possible Israeli assault on Rafah in Gaza:

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Iran telegraphed its strikes, wanting to save face after Israel’s assassinations of Iranian commanders in Syria.

Israel couldn’t let that go unanswered. But under pressure from the US and others not to escalate this further, the Israelis limit their own strikes.

That pulls the countries back from direct confrontation. But what of Israel’s “indirect war” on Iran and its allies?