Venezuelans walk past graffiti in Caracas claiming Guyana’s Essequibo region (Getty)

I joined Poland’s TVP World on Monday to analyze the Maduro Government’s claim of the oil-rich Essequibo region in neighboring Guyana; the COP28 summit and climate change; and the renewal of Israel’s bombing and ground assault across all of Gaza.

Watch from 15:41:

I consider the Maduro Government’s motive, beginning with the long-standing economic crisis in Venezuela, as it staged a weekend referendum — with a 95% Yes vote — for the takeover of Essequibo.

I contrast effective action behind the scenes over climate change v. the headlines from COP28, including host UAE’s blatant pursuit of oil and gas contracts — complete with denial of the science over global warming — and the UK Government’s retreat from leadership.

EA on Times Radio: Shane McGowan; Israel-Gaza; COP28 and Climate Change; Music and Free Speech

And I am forthright — including when the host tries to dismiss the latest toll of about 16,000 killed in Gaza since October 7 — about the Israel leadership’s decision for “open-ended” military operations with no regard for innocent human life.