Devastation in Gaza from Israeli attacks (BBC)

I joined Times Radio’s Darryl Morris early Monday for a 45-minute review of the week.

Listen to Discussion from 2:12.23

We begin with an in-depth look at the situation in Gaza, as Israel launches a ground offensive to accompany its deadly bombing in response to Hamas’s mass murders on October 7.

I bluntly set out the fundamental contest of the Israeli assault v. humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza. We also discuss the consequences for UK politics, both for the Sunak Government and the opposition Labour Party.

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I pay tribute to the humanity and decency of TV actor Matthew Perry, who died on Saturday, as he turned his battle with alcohol and drug addictions into initatives to help others.

And I explain why China is facing what may be its greatest economic challenge in decades, amid a sharp drop in foreign direct investment and difficulties over business and the property market.