Children line up to receive a plate of food at a shelter for displaced families, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, March 14, 2024 (Odelyn Joseph/AP)

I joined Times Radio’s Alexis Conran on Saturday to analyze Israel’s “open-ended” war in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis amid the ousting of Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

I begin with Friday’s speech by US Senate Majority Charles Schume calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step aside, with “elections as the only way” to resolve more than five months of Israeli military operations — killing tens of thousands and threatening more than two million — that may expand further.

I explain how Schumer’s speech is part of the tactic of the Biden Administration which, while continuing to enable the Israelis with military aid and opposition to an unconditional ceasefire, is trying to turn the other members of Israel’s War Cabinet against Netanyahu’s demand for “absolute victory” over Hamas.

Then we discuss Haiti, where more than 15,000 peoples have already been displaced in Latin America’s poorest country as gangs have combined to force out Prime Minister Henry.

I note the context of more than 1.5 million Haitians — around 10% of the country — displaced by the 2010 earthquake. I turn my attention to the exploitation of those civilians by Republicans such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state’s Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, portraying an imminent “invasion” by refugees including women, children, and the elderly.