Do you want to write for EA WorldView?

We are always looking for good writing that helps shed new light on events in Iran, Syria, the wider Middle East, and Russia.

Even more importantly, we are dedicated to publishing good analysis. That’s more than good ideas.

Good analysis, from the start, offers a clear focus on a specific issue.

Good analysis brings together the facts, not opinion, as a basis for a position.

Good analysis starts from the principle that events have a wider context, and works from that context to understand what is happening.

Good analysis guards against bias and uses neutral terms, not weasel words.

What we do not publish: opinion, activist pieces, opinion or activist pieces disguised as analysis.

We insist on maintaining high standards even though we do not receive external funding. We do not pay for writing. However, EA is a leading site in its areas of focus, and if we publish your work, it will get wider notice.

We are read and considered by Governments, journalists, researchers, activists, NGOs, and interested members of the public from all over the world.

We realize that inviting people to write something without knowing if it will be published is a lot to ask. But we are looking for writers with passion — writers who will pursue a project because they are driven to do so.

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Guidelines for Submission 

If you are interested in having your writing featured on EA WorldView, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Contributions must be 800-1000 words long.
  • Please send articles in BODY TEXT in an email NOT AS A WORD OR OTHER DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT.
  • Please supply a brief biography (2-3 lines, with details of your current affiliations & publications).