Engagement. Analysis. A Window on the World.




We seek to provide news and analysis, through engagement with those on the ground facing the challenges of conflict, deprivation, and environmental change.




Engagement. Analysis. A Window on the World.


We believe in an engagement with those on the ground to appreciate and understand their concerns, their hopes, their aspirations. We believe in engagement with local journalists, NGOs, activists, students, human rights advocates,and residents. 


We believe in news and analysis based on this approach from the ground up, interacting with the politicians, the military, the businesses that issue statements from the top down. We believe in this approach from Syria to Iran to the wider Middle East to the UK and the US.


We believe that, in the 21st century, a WorldView is not handed to us by those in power. Instead, that WorldView has to come from each of us, with a desire for dialogue, for a confrontation of deception and disinformation as well as an exchange of information, for ideas to benefit our communities — local, national, and global.


Much of our coverage is of conflict, deprivation, and damage to our environment. But we believe that, with engagement, analysis, and understanding, there is always a way forward.