Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepts missiles fired from Iran, April 14, 2024 (Tomer Neuberg/AP)

Israel and Partners Down “99%” of 300+ Missiles and Drones Fired by Iran

Q&A: Is An Iran-Israel War Imminent?

UPDATE: EA on RTE — Will Iran Attack Israel and US?

I joined Beverley O’Connor on Australia’s ABC News to analyze further Iran’s “demonstration” attack on Israel, Tehran’s tactics, and the possible Israeli responses — short of a direct strike on Iran — against Iranian targets in the region.

Will Israel continue the targeted assassinations of Iranians in Syria? Will they step up targeting of Hezbollah officials in Lebanon? Will they carry out covert operations in Iran, especially against the Iranian military?

The focal point is Israel’s open-ended war in Gaza. There’s no apparent halt to that with more than 33,000 people killed. This attack on Gaza intersects with other conflicts in the region.


I spoke with France 24 English on Monday morning about the aftermath of Iran’s “demonstration” strikes on Israel.

An extract from the interview:

Iran’s leaders wanted to look tough, especially to their own people, amid Israel’s assassination of Iranian commanders, but they weren’t going for direct confrontation with the Israelis.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, APRIL 14: I joined BBC Radio Scotlandon Sunday to evaluate Iran’s launch of more than 300 missiles and drones on Israel.

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I explain how the significance was not its military effect, with 99% of the munitions downed, minor damage, and only one serious casualty. In part, this was because Iran “telegraphed” the attack days in advance, as Israel and its partners identified the launch sites and paths of the missiles and drones.

Instead, the objective of Iran’s regime was symbolic: 1) to a domestic audience to pose that it could be tough in response to Israel’s assassinations of Iranian commanders, included in Tehran’s embassy complex in Syria on April 1; and 2) to Israel, warning that future Israeli operations might prompt an even greater response.

I also consider how the Biden Administration, through a phone call from President Joe Biden to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is warning Israel against a “counter-attack” on Tehran.