Chechen jihadis fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham have accused the Islamic Front of keeping their distance from foreign fighters, while using them on the front lines against Assad’s forces.

FiSyria, a website close to the predominantly Chechen jamaat of Umar Shishani, ISIS’s military amir, slammed the Islamic Front and also Abdul Karim al-Ukraini (“the Ukrainian”), the second-in-command in the independent Chechen-led faction Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (JMA).

Abdul Karim al-Ukraini is also known as Abdul Karim Krimsky (“from the Crimea”), and is likely a Crimean Tatar.

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The criticisms expose deep differences of opinion and allegiance among Chechen and other Russian-speaking fighters in Syria.

FiSyria pointed to an agreement with Liwa Shuhada Badr signed earlier this month by al-Ukraini, on behalf of JMA.

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The site claims that the amir of JMA, Salahddin Shishani, had denied that he gave any order to sign the agreement, hinting that al-Ukraini acted alone.

FiSyria writes:

We recall that Abdul Karim (al-Ukraini) used to lead a Crimean jamaat but now he’s the right hand man of Salahuddin in JMA.

Recently we had news from Hraytan (in Aleppo Province) that Abdul Karim’s entire jamaat was in a base with their families. Entry/exit from the base to the town is only allowed them with an permit for a limited time.

We want to add that the so-called Islamic Front and all groups who work with them, from the get go only showed their loyalty to the foreign fighters when they were on the front lines fighting Assad. They helped with weapons, and food, but they themselves were somewhere far away.

The site now issues a warning to JMA:

It is possible that the same scenario could be repeated now with Salahuddin’s group, whereby they send them on combat operations and checkpoints against Assad, and they busy themselves with installing a “new order” in the land of Sham.

FiSyria also provide a full translation of the agreement signed between al-Ukraini and Liwa Shuhada Badr:

This is what was agreed on by Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, represented by brother AbdulKarim from Ukraine, and Liwa Shuhada Badr, represented by Abdul Khalik Abu Ahmad, concerning problems in Hraytan and El Mallah and the areas bordering them.

First: both sides agreed to completely stop the bloodshed and mutually resolve their differences via the law of Allah, referring to the Sharia Committee in Aleppo that it judge between them.

Second: The immediate release of all prisoners on both sides without restrictions or conditions.

Third: Brothers of JMA remain at their bases in the area, except for houses belonging to Liwa Shuhada Badr, which they will give up to them.

Fourth: Both sides agreed that they would not create bases in places where families live.

Fifth: Checkpoints in villages will be monitored by the Shariah Committee of Ahrar as-Sham and Jabhat al Nusra and it is forbidden for anyone in a mask or for a Muhajir to stand guard.

Sixth: The two sides agreed that the armed confrontation that occurred before the date of the agreement will not be considered in court.

Seventh: Liwa Shuhada Badr undertakes not to touch bases in El Mallah and the surrounding area.

Eighth: The Parties undertake to be strengthened and to support each other in the war against the Assad regime to the extent it is possible.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Sheikh Abu Amir – the representative of the Islamic movement Ahrar as-Sham and in the presence of both parties.

Featured image: JMA Amir Salahuddin Shishani (center) with Abdul Karim (left)