Syria Daily, August 23: Regime Carries Out Another Mass Killing in Douma


PHOTO: A wounded girl stands in a field hospital in Douma on Saturday (Adib Doumany/AFP)


The Assad regime carried out the second mass killing within a week in Douma, northeast of Syria’s capital Damascus, on Saturday.

Airstrikes and ground-to-ground missiles destroyed buildings in the town centre. Activists estimated that 35 to 50 people were killed. The Local Coordination Committees said it had verified 59 deaths in and near Damascus.

Videos and pictures showed men moving about in smoke to rescue the wounded and terrified and injured children awaiting treatment. Many of the victims — as in last Sunday’s bombing that killed at least 112 people and wounded more than 550 — were young.

See Syria Video & Photo Feature: Scores Dead in New Regime Airstrikes on Damascus Suburb of Douma

Rescuers looking for victims overnight:

Recovery of the body of an infant (Warning — Graphic):

The Syrian military has besieged and bombarded Douma for years, attempting to break rebels and the local population. The attacks have escalated this year as the rebel faction Jaish al-Islam, based in the suburb, has become increasingly prominent in the fight against the Assad regime.

Amid scores of civilian deaths this spring, Jaish al-Islam carried out rocket attacks on military targets in Damascus and threatened further retaliation if the bombing did not stop. The warnings brought only a short-term pause in the strikes, however. Hundreds more people have died this summer.

The Syrian air force has resumed its assault on Sunday morning. Five raids are reported on Harasta, where rebels have been attacking regime troops this week. Four barrel bombs have been dropped on Darayya, southwest of Damascus, where the opposition has made some gains this month.

Photos and Medics Claim Islamic State Chemical Attack on Rebels and Civilians in Aleppo Province

Photos on social media are claiming further evidence of an Islamic State chemical attack on rebels and civilians in northern Aleppo Province.

Images showed patients with breathing difficulty and blistered skin following the incident in the town of Mare’, near the Turkish border:

Medical staff said on Friday that they treated victims with shortness of breath, coughing redness of the eyes and face, and itching skin. The Syrian American Medical Society said it had treated more than 50 people, including more than 30 with skin blisters, including the use of mustard gas.

Opposition activists also said the chemical is likely to be mustard gas, with the director of a local medical center reporting that about 10 patients have been transferred to hospitals inside Turkey.

Reports say one of the victims later died.

Samples from soil and the shells used in the attack have been taken from the area for testing in Turkey.

Rebels and the Islamic State have been battling for months on the frontline close to Mare’.

See also Claims: Islamic State Used Chemical Weapons on Rebels in Northern Aleppo Province

In neighboring Iraq, a Kurdish Peshmerga commander claimed that the Islamic State again used chemical weapons on Friday.

Ismail Qadir said the Islamic State attacked Peshmerga trenches with Katyusha missiles on Saturday at the Teleskof front, 30 km (19 miles) north of Mosul.

“When missiles landed on the ground, an unbearable smell wafted through the air and caused eyes irritation and skin damage for the Peshmerga,” Qadir said. “Immediately after the attack, we realized that our Peshmerga soldiers health deteriorated because of the smell in the area.

On Friday, a US official claimed confirmation of the Islamic State’s used of “a class-one chemical agent” against Peshmerga forces earlier this month.

State Media: 11 Killed, 60 Wounded by Rebel Mortars on Damascus

State news agency SANA claims 11 people have been killed and 60 wounded by rebel mortars that struck neighborhood in Damascus.

Five shells on Damascus Central Prison, in Adra northeast of the capital, killed 10 people and injured 50, according to a “Police Command source”.

Activists claim that the regime fired on the prison, killing visitors, to blame the deaths on rebel groups.

Other mortars landed in the al-Wafidin Camp, home to Syrians displaced from the Golan Heights in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

Rebels say they are firing at military targets in retaliation for the Assad regime’s bombardment of suburbs which has killed hundreds this year, including close to 200 in Douma in the past week.

A spokesman for Jaish al-Islam, the leading rebel faction in Damascus Province, said there was “no need to deny responsibility” for today’s attacks because the group always “warns civilians if they are behind” rocket launches.

Report: Islamic State Executed Scores of Civilians in Deir ez-Zor Province

A pro-opposition site is claiming that the Islamic State has executed scores of civilians in Deir ez-Zor Province in eastern Syria, claiming that they belong to the Free Syrian Army and the Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra.

Eldorar al-Shamia said 43 people from the west of the province were killed on Friday, with their names posted on the wall of village mosques. Others are still under interrogation.

Earlier in the week, a list of 31 executed victims was posted.

Video: Kafranbel Protest — “Shame on the World” Over Assad’s Chemical Attacks

A protest in Kafranbel in northwest Syria chides the world for its lack of response to the August 2013 chemical attacks by the Assad regime that killed more than 1,400 people near Damascus:

See Syria Special: Remembering Assad’s Chemical Attacks — and Those Who Died — on August 21, 2013

Report: US Restricting Rebel Offensive in Daraa City

A local translator of US-rebel talks is claiming that the Americans have put restrictions on the rebel offensive to take Daraa city, near the Jordanian border in southern Syria.

The translator, who has been reliable in the past, says three conditions have been set on the Southern Front rebel coalition: 1) it cannot move in the al-Mahata area of Daraa; 2) it cannot advance north to the key town of Sasa; 3) rebels cannot link up to units in the West Ghouta area near Damascus.

Daraa, where the uprising against the Assad regime began in March 2011, has been split between the rebels and Syrian military for years.

The translator did not give a reason for the restrictions, but other EA sources have said that the Americans fear a sudden collapse of Assad forces — and a “vacuum” in power — if the rebels advance through Daraa city and province.

This spring, reliable activists said the US had barred a rebel entry into Suweida Province in southeast Syria, fearing antagonism of the Druze community.

The Southern Front is reliant on support, including weapons, from an operations center in Jordan that includes US advisors.

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  1. Regarding Daraa story,there is no reason for me to doubt it, as I said it before, The americans DO NOT want a rebel victory, just increasing pressure on assad , so he agrees to go. If saudis and Turkey ignore obama and supply weapons including manpads , this war will end this year.

    • The situation in ghab plain where seems to be fluidity is simple. Ghab plain is a valley , rebels launch attack from surrounding heights, assad troops fearing encirclement retreat, rebels hold the valley where they become easy targets from the air& artillery and their movements can be easily monitored by the regime , rebels under air strikes retreat and regime advances and so on.

      • The second and third condition actually make perfect sense, since the rebels aren’t even in a position to do either, at least for the time being. As for Mahatta, that’s just stupid. Mahatta is key to taking the industrial city and threatening the regime supply line.

        @curious boy

        That’s pretty much how Ghab plain is playing out, except I’d say that rebels and regime each hold a mountain chain, and whoever occupies the valley in between is the loser. Like I said, Ghab is basically a pissing match where the winner will be whoever leaves first.

  2. Soooo,Deraa has not fallen deliberately,because if it fell,Assad would collapse and the rebels would win?Is red tornados the reliable translator?

    • Obama’s only motive in keeping Assad afloat and forcing the rebels is to hold back is to protect the “interests” of Putin and Khamenei. Above all that means assuring the survival of Hezbollah and his supply lines—-the same Hezbollah who killed 200 marines in the Lebanon barracks uprising. How is this in America’s interests? Obama hates Israel and is determined to see that Hezbollah can keep up the pressure on Israel by using new Russia arms purchased by Assad with the $150 billion his deal would provide to Iran for such purposes.

      The only ones who stop this Obama-Ben Rhodes scheme are the Israelis and the Sunnis who are its targets, including Turkey, Israel, the Saudis and other Gulf Arabs. They need to greatly step up rebels supplies and air attacks on the Genocide Regime and do so before Obama’s cash gets in Khamenei’s hands. Sunnis and rebels must never alllow Obama and Rhodes to achieve their dream of imposing a neo-colonialist, pro-Iran, pro-Putin and pro-Hezbollah peace on the Syrian people. It’s better to fight forever and–if Obama and Ben Rhodes insists on helping the Bad Guys carry out genocide, you can’t blame Sunnis is they bring the fight home to American’ shores because Obama would have made us the backer of genocide.

      Obama’s behavior in holding the rebels back and threatening them outright confirms whose side he is on. Already is has led to step-upped Israeli action. It is likely to force others to act as well from self-protection. Otherwise, if Obama’s scheme were put in place, it would assist further sectarianism, radicalism and genocide and–AS INTENDED–massive future Iranian backed attacks on Israel and Gulf Arabs. Obama must know that Khamenei is already using Hezbollah to engage in destabization schemes from Thailand to Argentina yet he seeks to enable more of the same. You could almost believe he is an Iranian mole.

      Having supported and enabled the genocidal crimes of Khamenei and Assad makes Obama as big a war criminal as his allies. Obama and Rhodes are totally evil.

      • Hezballs where also the 1st Muslims to do kamikaze tactics they learnt it off the Japanese red army who learnt it off Tojo. Obama reminds me of Charles Lindinburg and his German American bund the pro Nazi think tank that claimed America should abandon my country because we need Germany to as strong as possible to beat the USSR. No hezballs no al-Qaeda.

        Barry is a narcissist, I remember him claiming in 2008 that he was born in a stable. This Iran deal has sod all with Iran being as nuclear as s solar panel it’s about how he can have a legacy. That all he wants he doesn’t give a dam a bout any one he wants his legacy with Iran deal it dose not matter how many die, all t h at matters is his ego. Like a drug addict selling out his friends and family for coke so to is Barry selling out everyone to the 3rd Aryan empire. Don’t you agree that his dogmatic nature is because he can’t admit a mistake because all he cares about is his pride personified by his Persian deal.

        Theirs is some good news red the republicans have 54/100 seats in congress. So will cancel the deal but Barry will use his veto (why is there a presidential veto anyway it’s pretty darn undemocratic that man get cancel the majority) but 66+/100 votes can overturn him so we need 12+ democrats to work agienist him. I hear ed their is some Jewish New York senator who is getting some of the democrats to vote against Barry. Good news don’t you think, it’s good then that many Jews are in the democrat party then don’t you think? Do you think their enough democrats ready to vote against him?

        • @Niall
          It would concern people greatly if people of Jewish faith were elected to the US parliament,but were voting due to their religion for what Israel wants them to do.That would be a bad thing.They are American jews,and their loyalty should be to the US.

      • It’s better to fight forever and … bring the fight home to American’ shores” — Onwards, to the last drop of my Sunni Minions’ blood, let’s teach the Yanki infidels a stern lesson!!

        [The raving egotism of our resident armchair Generalísimo can be quite entertaining.]

      • Good lord RT. Good to see you use the same logic as Bin Laden. That’s pretty hilarious. You make Dick Cheney look like a pacifist. If Obama pisses off geniuses like you then he’s doing something right. And your constant whining and crying is doing a lot of good.

    • How soon Deraa falls will depends on how much and how long the Israelis intervene in southern syria against the Assad regime. For some stupid reason the SAA began shelling the Golan heights and in response Netanyahu has seized this as an opportunity to unravel the Iran nuclear deal. If the Israelis prolong their military activities against the regime then its only a matter of time before its begins coordinating with the southern front rebels. Obviously that’s something you asSadists sock puppets don’t appreciate but the fact of the matter is that the stitch up of the Obama regime in trying to both maintain the nuclear settlement with Iran and ensure a political settlement to the Syrian conflict with maintains Iranian/Hezbollah interests (ie Alawite homeland) is going to become undone purely because neither the Turks or the Israelis want an Iranian fiefdom on the Mediterranean nor do they want Hezbollah strengthened. All of the anti-Assad regional players have leverage besides the arming/using of rebels against Assad (e.g. Turks can economical strangle Iranian trade routes through its country and forcing it to use the more expensive Suez option, Israel is now beginning to flex its military muscles and has considerable influence in the Congress, the Saudis can crush Iranian income through price-deflation of oil prices by pumping extra oil) which will unfold in the fullness of time that neither Obama or Ayatollahs could foresee. I have my own theory why Obama/Putin/Ayatollahs are pushing for a political settlement and that’s nothing to do with humanitarian reasons and everything to do with the fact that time is on the side of the rebels militarily and the longer this conflict drags on the more Iranian interests in the region become eviscerated. Ironic that the Iranians should choose a new leader to end its economic isolation with the west but in the process end up politically isolating itself from virtually every major regional player. And is some ways RT is right, a political settlement in Syria right now along with the nuclear deal would both permanently consolidate its political gains in Syria/Iraq whilst the nuclear deal will both enrich the mullah regime economically and eventually militarily however because of Iranian hubris and Obama naive amateurism along with Erdogan adventurism and Netanyahu opportunism this cozy situation for Iran is not going to end as they hope and that in the end is good thing for the Sunnis of the middle east.

      • @k9
        Is it right for me to assume you actually hate Israel,and would like to see it destroyed,but for now you are happy cause they kill your internet enemy (Assad)?


    Report of Large Explosion at US military facility in Kanagawa–Reports Of Large Explosion At U.S. Military Facility In Kanagawa, Japan. Source: Breaking 911.

    If so and in the case of Kayla Muller’s rapes and death, Obama bears the blame for failing to act when ISIS was a mere embryo and allowing the “JV” team to develop such capacities. All Obama cares about is appeasing Khamenei, Putin and Assad though he is willing to replace the latter with an Iran-Putin chosen look alike.


    Reports that 4 Iranian officers were killed near Jib al-Ghab in Jabal al-Akrad in rural #Latakia after being targeted by a rebel TOW missile.–Sami. The White House will be in mourning over this.


    How Barack Obama betrayed the Syrian people

    Obama’s refusal to confront Assad and support the opposition set in motion the events that gave rise to ISIL.

    Extremely Accurate Excerpt: “Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011, the Obama administration has publicly called for Assad to step aside, while doing everything in private to foreclose that possibility, and in effect, tacitly endorsing the Assad regime.”

    • So is your reason for immediately claiming ISIS connections to anything that happens solely to generate eye rolls in your readers?

      • Why not? Isn’t encouraging lone wolf attacks what ISIS does? Hasn’t Obama’s failure to act early made that possible? Do you think all such attacks have appeared randomly at this particular time? Don’t you believe most of these attackers have paid attention to radical sites which exploit Obama’s assistance to Assad, Putin and Khamenei in their genocide against Sunnis?

        My arguments hold up far better than your self-serving “It’s just random and a coincidence” argument–anything to defend Obama’s critical role in radicalization and deny reality.

        • Encouraging lone wolf [or better] attacks in Yankistan and against its military outposts abroad is also something you do, RT, by directing [whenever your jaw/spleen runs ahead of your brain] all Sunnis worldwide to immediately join JaN/AQ in order to avenge themselves upon Obomber for his alleged betrayal in Syria.

          You should maybe consult a competent lawyer on the subject before talking yourself into a stretch in the slammer.

          • … and probably there’s an innocent explanation for the Kanagawa incident, e.g. just some local patriotic Japs providing the hated Yanki nuke-testers an ‘exit-strategy’ back to their Arkansas trashcamps, or a work accident due to the witless denizens of same billeted there cooking up their meth in the ammo store.

            • Are the same Tojoists who sexually enslaved Korea’s women? And conducted Josef mengela like experiments on the Chinese in unit 731? Who committed a holocaust sized genocide against the Chinese race? Those who visit the shrine of Tojo and the other Japanazies and prey to them?

              The Tojo regime killed more than twice the number of civilians in naking than the US did with nukes. And they don’t deny it, but Akihieto denies his father did anything wrong.
              But dose not matter that the Tojoists would kill you for not being Japanese nor that they where on par with the Germans war crimes all that matters is anti west agenda. You only care when the US kills some one you don’t give about a dam about the 5 million chinese butchered because the US didn’t do it, it only matters that the atomic bombs killed about a 20th the number of people because the US did it.

              when the US rainbow divivision liberated Dachau the SS guards surrendered and the “yankistanis” broke the Geneva convention and massacred them. No doubt you take the SS side. Oh and don’t now spout that is different or you are against Hitler because you cant be against Hitler and support ultra nationalist Japanese because they are just as bad ask any historian. If they had the internet in 1940s you no doubt only care about the Jerries and Japs that being killed by the US and not give a dam about the Jews or Chinses or Greeks or Koreans or Pols being exterminated by the axis powers and just post comments about the evil yanks.

              To you life only matters if taken by an American you will condemn the US for bombing Pyongyang in the Korea war but ignore the 35 years of Japanese war crimes in Korea because that play into your ideology.

              You should really stop using a computer then since Microsoft is yankistan company.

              • Mere whatabouttery, Niall, does not change the fact that the average Jap hates the warcriminal Yanki occupier same as the Iraqis did. That’s human nature, which even your salty river of crocodile tears won’t wash away.

        • To argue that our President, by covertly supporting Genocide, has made the USA the enemies of all Sunnis is free speech. To argue that by doing so, he has also has boosted extremists jihadis and encouraged attacks on the USA is also free speech. Do argue that Obama’s crimes justify retaliation is also free speech. What do you think ISIS is saying to Sunnis online? What would you expect ISIS to say given the opportunity the shithead in Washington has provided? Are such charges against Obama (he is a very biased accessory to war crimes and a supporter of Khamenei’s imperial quest) accurate or not accurate? I will also repeat that if Obama and Ben Rhodes aren’t Iranian moles, they sure act like such and thereby lead people to such suspicions.

          • 99% of the crap you post on your “BLOG” has no basis in fact, mostly outright lies, conspiracy theorys and unproven twitter rumors and dude it’s getting old..

    • 2 of the 4 reported Iranian officers killed in Jabal al-Akrad in #Latakia, #Syria today are: Mohammed Hussain Frad & Abas Zahr al-Moula.–Sami.

      Also, Jaish al-Islam destroys a regime BMP in Jabor killing all the troops inside it. Source: Army of Islam.

      • Red,the dirka dirkas were around from the beginning.You cheered them all on,including ISIS.Remember how some of us used to ask how you were not locked up for cheering these guys on?Now,cause they failed in their internet mission you gave them,you have reinvented Sunni terror attacks world wide as Obamas fault,and we deserve it apparently,according to you.:-)


    Clashes at main gate of besieged Abu ad-Duhur – Military Airbase–Sami

    Taking Abu Duhur, aside from lowering regime morale a bit further, would open the gates to a rebel assault ot Khanassir and Al Safira. This at a time when many regime forces previously stationed in Al Safira have moved northeast to an offensive effort to break through and save defenders at Kweris Air Base.

    The regime can’t handle both threats simultaneously and would find itself sandwiched. In addition, such an assault would cut off regime exit/supply/reinforcement by land. Any Iranian-Assad enclave scheme and any hope the regime has of saving Damascus, Homs, Hama would be greatly undermined in that case since Aleppo would be the main source of needed defenders in those areas.

    Ideally rebels would also shut air supply via Aleppo’s main airbase simultaneously.

  5. Could someone PLEASE tell the RETARDED head of syrian observatory of human right to get someone else to post articles, this guy is a clown, constantly posting fake casualties report. here is the latest .

    Headline says 113 regimes forces killed in battle of kweires airport and then when you read the article it says 51 regime and 62 ISIS were killed !!.

    @ Red Tornado, you are a good man/woman , you keep calling obama hesitant, BUT yourself have NO hesitation to post unconfirmed news or rumours and anything bad happens to usa, you blame on isis.

    • Can someone also translate sohr report and tell me during what period did these casualties happen ?. The fool running the site uses the words ” Human right ” to give itself legitimacy and make it sound reliable but is full of B.S.

      • Who ?, Red Tornado, or the guy running sohr ? :) .It’s just I keeping seeing sohr reports quoted in various media around the world.

    • The russians want to test their latest vehicle in syria under true combat condition, it’s presence is not of major significance.

      • Good idea.Give it a run and see how it goes.You know,EJM mentioned some new stuff from Russia arriving.Also mentioned something about parachutes for that besieged enclave in Idlib,fua etc.Maybe GPS guided shoots?


    #1: LATAKIA:

    FSA Coastal Brigade fighters emerged victorious and re-captured all lost positions in Akrad Mount today.–Stork. Charles Lister writes, “Fighting has definitely been escalating in Jebel al-Akrad in Latakia lately. Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, FSA & more all involved


    Faylaq al-Sham reports heavy clashes w/ Assad forces in al-Msheek & al-Zyara, says several vehicles destroyed & 10s killed/wounded.–Sami

    #3: ABU DUHUR

    Rebels (Jaish Fatah) captured Janab, Khasir and parts of Salmu village on the walls of Abu Duhur airbase–Bosno SInj. See my previous post giving three reasons why this could be important.


    Assad’s forces and Shabiha media run for their lives in Tal al Zaatar Daraa.–Johnny Six. Pro-Assad, pro-genocide Obama must be pissed.



    Syria Army now has GAZ Tigr infantry mobility vehicles –


    Telegraph View: Jeremy Corbyn poses as an innocent idealist, but his economics is absurd and his foreign policy appalling. The Labour Party and the country need rescuing from his dangerous campaign

    Corbyn sounds like an announcer for Russia Today which is akin to sounding like Joseph Goebbels. He is very popular in the Kremlyn. Were he to rule Britain with Obama in the White House it would be like having two Iranian moles in key western governments.

  7. […] After the SF made a string of victories in the south in early 2015, taking the last Jordanian border crossing at Nasib, the Sheik Miskeen and Nawa regions, the historic town of Bushra al-Sham and the decisive regime base 52 (corresponding to a similar string of victories by the rebels in the north in Idlib and Hama), the US and MOC imposed a series of “red lines” on the SF, where the SF was not to go. These reportedly included the central al-Mahata area of Daraa city (the regime-controlled capital of Daraa province, which is largely controlled by the SF), the neighbouring Druze-majority province Suweida, anywhere north towards the key city of Sasa, and any attempt to link up with the rebel-held outer suburbs of Damascus or to advance on Damascus itself ( […]

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