1. Syrian refugees pour into Iraq at new crossing, U.N. says
    Thousands of Syrian refugees flowed into the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq on Thursday, crossing a new pontoon bridge over the Tigris River. According to the United Nations, between 5,000 and 7,000 refugees followed an initial group of about 750 people, adding to the over 150,000 Syrian refugees already registered in Iraq

  2. Salih Aslim, head of the PYD, says in an interview, that the PYD ‘are waiting for an invitation for talks with Washington.” However, he remains skeptical, since the close ties between the FSA, Turkey and the pro-rbel USA.

    “In my opinion, those who did not want us to have any contact with Turkey are the same people who are trying to create animosity between the US and the PYD. . Rather than hearing from others, it is best to directly talk to someone, because you will understand each other better and you will get the most accurate information. So, yes we are expecting an invitation from Washington to talk to them and tell them what we stand for and what we want.”


  3. SOHR reports on the fight between ISIS and YPG in al-Hasaka province, and around Aleppo:

    “al-Hasaka province: ISIS fighters attacked the al-Asadiya village earlier this morning on the Ras al-A’in-al-Derbasiya road which is inhabited by Yazidi (a religion) Kurdish civilians. Clashes broke out between the ISIS and the inhabitants of the village which led to the death of 1 civilian and the injury of others, several civilians from the al-Asadiya village fled to nearby villages. 2 Kurdish paramedics from the Kurdish red crescent were killed and another paramedic was injured by an IED attack earlier this morning on a red crescent ambulance earlier this morning, the IED was put in a bag and placed on the side of the Ras al-A’in- al-Derbasiya road at the al-Sheik petrol station in between the al-Asadiya and Bab al-Faraj villages, the ambulance was targeted on their way back from Ras al-A’in to al-Qameshli city after transporting several injuries by ISIS, al-Nusra and rebel bombardment on the Ras al-A’in city.

    Activists from the area reported that ISIS fighters began shooting at the ambulance with heavy machine guns after the explosion, one of the Arabic families in the area succoured the wounded person and transported him to a nearby YPG centre. The YPG afterwards combed the al-Asadiya village and reached the Mazra village and Tal Harmel area on the road of the Abou Rasin suburb and clashed with the ISIS, al-Nusra front and rebel fighters, reports of human losses from the side of the latter. Yesterday clashes between both sides on the Tal Half road and Reef Ras al-A’in led to the death of 4 YPG fighters, 1 of which is a woman, and at least 11 fighters from the ISIS, al-Nusra front and some rebel factions.”

  4. I have to post two links today.

    My Syria roundup for Friday only just appeared more than 12 hours after I posted it so I’m providing the link again for those who missed it. The lead article ties with the lead story here but from a different angle. Underneath it are some updates folks might have missed.


    Rebels seem to have added a new twist to their strategy of launching simultaneous offenses in too many places for the regime to handle, It’s a great way to keep the regime guessing. See my Saturday roundup lead for more on that:



  5. Damascus, (SANA)-Electricity Minister Imad Khamis said on Saturday that terrorists today attacked the gas and fuel pipelines which feed the electric power stations in the northern region.

    “The terrorist attack caused the generating stations to come out of service and the braking off of electricity in parts of Daraa, Sweida, Qunaitera and Damascus,” the Minister said, adding that the Ministry was able to provide part of the demands of this region from substitute resource.

    He affirmed that the electric power will be gradually restored within 24 hour as the workshops of the Ministry of Petroleum began maintenance.

    This has been happening a lot lately……good tactic by the Freedom fighters it allows them to attack under cover of darkness.

    • Does this guy expect serious sympathy from the world? He reminds me of Nasrallah expecting the same after the recent car bombing in Lebanon–a mere drop in the bucket compared to the regime crimes which Hezbollah has aided and abetted and–in the case of shelling civilian neighborhoods–directly participated.

      Put aside all those attacks on civilians via aircraft, artillery, snipers and direct atrocities, and simplty consider just the regime’s attacks on breadlines, crops, water supplies, schools, hospitals, houses and medical profession. This is no tie. It’s not even close.. Finally, let’s not forget the total blockage of food, water and medicine directed at many Sunni neighborhoods in contrast to rebels allow food through in Aleppo…

  6. 17 dead as al-Qaeda loyalists attack Syrian Kurds in Turkish border town of Ras al-Ain
    http://www.pukmedia.com/EN/EN_Direje.aspx?Jimare=10962 8/17/2013
    The Syrian jihadist group al-Nusra Front attacked a mainly Kurdish town in northeastern Syria sparking fighting in which 17 people were killed, two of them ambulance crew, a watchdog said on Aug. 17.

    The assault on the strategic border town of Ras al-Ain, from which the jihadists were expelled by Kurdish militia affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) last month, sparked an exodus of civilians into neighbouring Turkey, an activist said.

    Read full article….

    • Saliatus,

      We are looking for confirmation of this claim — as you might know, we do not consider the SOHR to be reliable as a sole source.


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