I also spoke with Austria’s Radio FM4 on Friday about the likelihood of Donald Trump’s defiance of an election victory by Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and the “co-dependency” of Trump and Republican legislators.

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As Donald Trump threatens to ignore the outcome of the November 3 US elections, I spoke with Monocle 24’s Georgina Godwin about the possibility, amid the Coronavirus pandemic and renewed protests over police violence and social issue.

After an update on the marches following no indictments against Louisville, Kentucky police officer who killed Breonna Taylor, we consider the relationship between Trump and Republican legislators — including Senate Majority Mitch McConnell — who pushed backed on Wednesday with a commitment to an “orderly transition of power”.

Will the GOP politicians finally break their co-dependent relationship with Trump, or will they give way — with their own political agendas — to Trump’s falsehoods about a “hoax election”?

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How can Trump think he’ll prevail even if, at this point, some Republicans say, “You shouldn’t do this”?

On Trump-Russia, Trump prevailed despite the US system. On Trump-Ukraine he won, despite the system.

He thinks — despite 203,000 Americans dead from Coronavirus, despite the historic economic downturh — he can still win. When it has come to the crunch, senior Republicans have buckled, primarily because of Senator Majority Leader McConnell who has enabled Trump.

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