In a 10-minute discussion, I spoke with Times Radio’s Alexis Conran on Sunday about the attempt by Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to undo Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s legacy, rushing through an arch-conservative replacement by the US elections on November 3.

In light of Ginsburg’s commitment to civil rights, we discuss how the Trump-McConnell initiative, if it succeeds, could lead to the loss of healthcare for tens of millions of Americans, the deportation of hundreds of thousands of legal and undocumented immigrants, the stripping of environmental protections, and the rollback of civil rights, including voting rights, gender rights, and rights for the impoverished.

Listen to Discussion from 1:06.44

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TrumpWatch, Day 1,340: Trump’s “Constitutional Abuse” — Biden Links Supreme Court to Healthcare

Watch for the Biden campaign to say, “If another arch-conservative justice is appointed, the Court could rip up the Affordable Care Act. They’ll rip up the safety net of healthcare.”

There are a lot of Republicans, even if they might normally vote for Trump, who are worried about losing healthcare. Joe Biden could turn this to his advantage.