In less than six weeks, Joe Biden and Donald Trump will compete for the White House — and Democrats and Republicans for control of Congress — in what could be the most consequential election in modern US history.

Trump infamously vowed to put an end to American “carnage” in his inaugural address. Four years on, “carnage” seems to be an apt description of what is transpiring in America:, as it grapples with a raging pandemic, a historic economic downturn, and racial and social unrest. It appears Donald Trump was merely prophesying the America he would create as President.

What happens next? What are the key issues motivating American voters as they head to the polls? Can American democracy meet the challenges it faces, including Trump’s threat to stay in the White House if he loses?

To kick off our new podcast season, Liam and Scott caught up with Brian Klaas, an associate professor in global politics at University College London and regular columnist at The Washington Post. Brian is also the host of the Power Corrupts podcast.

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