Russian and Assad regime airstrikes killed at least 40 more civilians in northwest Syria on Tuesday.

Victims included a family of eight, with six children, in the village of Kfar Taal in western Aleppo Province. Eight civilians were killed in Kafr Nuran, and eight in Maardabseh in southeastern Idlib Province.

A relative of the Kfar Tsal family, Abu Yasser, 71, told Reuters, “God take revenge on all tyrants. There is no one else left in my family, they are all gone.”

Other civilians were slain in towns and villages such as Jadraya, Tkad, Rehab, Kafr Naha, and al-Barah.

Tuesday’s bombing was the latest wave of Russian-regime assaults that have killed more than 1,500 civilians, wounded thousands, and displaced more than 750,000 since late April. Almost 70 medical facilities, more than 100 schools, markets, mosques, and civil defense centers have been attacked.

The pro-Assad offensive, which shattered a Russian-Turkish “de-escalation zone” proclaimed in September 2018, has seized almost of northern Hama Province and part of southern Idlib, expanding the attacks recently into neighboring western Aleppo.

On January 12 Russia and Turkey announced a ceasefire for Idlib, only for Moscow to break it two days later. Russia and the regime ignored a UN appeal to halt the attacks, which UN officials say are tantamount to a war crime.

The greater Idlib Province is home to more than three million people, about 20% of Syria’s remaining population.

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Assad regime outlets ignored the latest mass killing, instead claiming that “terrorists” killed two women and a child with rockets on a neighborhood in regime-held Aleppo city.