White Helmets rescuers search for victims of pro-Assad shelling of Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, February 15, 2019

At least 22 civilians — most of them children and women — have been killed since Friday in the latest Assad regime attacks on Idlib Province in northwest Syria.

Pro-Assad forces have regularly fired shells and rockets on the demilitarized zone declared around Idlib and northern Hama Provinces by Russia and Turkey in September, but the latest assault is one of the most intense.

Twenty-one of the victims were in Khan Sheikhoun, where an Assad regime sarin attack killed about 90 civilians and wounded hundreds in April 2017. The White Helmets civil defense reported that more than 25 artillery shells struck the area on Friday, with the bombardment continuing through Saturday.

Rebels retaliated with firing of Grad rockets on regime positions.

Russian and Turkish leaders Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at a summit with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in southern Russia on Thursday, did not refer to the pro-Assad attacks since September. Instead Putin said, “We should not put up with the presence of terrorist groups in Idlib.”

Syria Daily, Feb 15: Putin Wags Finger Over Opposition Idlib, But No Details of Action

The head of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh, noted: “Through our response to the systematic bombing of civilian homes, we note that with every international meeting or negotiation session on Idlib, there will be massacres and shelling by the regime and its allies.”

Video of the rescue operation on Friday:

Ahmad Adnan al-Muhsen, killed in Khan Sheikhoun: