LATEST: Video — Kurds Fighting Pro-Assad Militia in Hasakeh City


Claims have circulated overnight that Syrian forces are advancing towards Aleppo Central Prison, seeking to break the insurgent positions that have ringed the complex for months.

The assertions put the Syrian military at between 500 meters and 1 kilometer from the Prison in Syria’s largest city.

The complex is in the north of the divided city (see map), with Assad’s forces advancing from the southeast.

Insurgents have attacked the Prison since early this year, at one point breaching the complex and shortly holding part of it.

The opposition says thousands of detainees have been abused and killed in the Prison, and those who remain are at risk of starvation as well as execution.

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Video: Kurds Fighting Pro-Assad Militia in Hasakeh City

The Kurdish militia YPG fight pro-Assad National Defense Forces in Hasakeh City in northeast Syria:

The area now has a four-way fight between insurgents, the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham, regime forces, and Kurdish militias.

Insurgents have been facing a squeeze between ISIS and President Assad’s troops, but the YPG’s turn against the NDF may relieve the pressure on the opposition fighters.

Kurdish media has also turned on President Assad. Hawar News declares today, “Baathist Regime Continues to Exterminate the Kurds”.

Video: Barrel Bomb Hits Near Cameraman in Daraa Province

Video: Insurgents Blow Up al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo to Prevent Regime Re-Occupation

Insurgents have blown up al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo — formerly a barracks for Syrian troops — to prevent its re-occupation by regime forces:

The Syrian military has been trying to advance in the al-Breij area near the hospital.

Insurgents took the hospital in December after an eight-month siege, badly damaging it.

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An insurgent strike on a regime tank on the al-Breij front:

Video: Aftermath of Regime Barrel Bomb on Daraa’s Old City

The Syrian regime has stepped up aerial attacks across southern Syria as it attempts to reclaim territory taken by insurgents in recent months.

Aftermath of a barrel bomb on the Old City section of Daraa: