Syria Daily, Feb 28: Kurds Hit Back at Islamic State With Capture of Key Town in Northeast




1st-Hand: Talking to Assad’s Generals and Top Officials in A Devastated Country

Reclaiming the initiative from the Islamic State in eastern Syria, Kurdish forces captured the key town of Tel Hamis on Friday.

Kurdish activists and images testified to the victory, with the Kurdish militia YPG celebrating the retreat of the jihadists.

Earlier this week, the Islamic State had advanced along the Khabur River in Hasakeh Province, taking a series of villages. The jihadists reportedly burned churches and abducted hundreds of Assyrian Christians, forcing others to flee to Hasakeh city.

“The flag is flying over Tel Hamis. We are now combing the city for terrorists and mines,” militia spokesman Redur Xelil said. “Daesh [the Islamic State] continue to have a considerable number of territories and forces. But we can say we have stopped its advance.”

Celebration of the victory:

Tel Hamis is on the route to the Islamic State’s territory in northwest Iraq, including the town of Sinjar, and is central to jihadists’ ability to move around northeast Syria and the Kurdish cantons.

Kurdish forces are hoping to build on the advance to take Tel Abyad and connect the Kobane and Jazirah cantons.

While territory has changed hands back-and-forth in Hasakeh Province this month, Kurdish forces have been pushing back the Islamic State in northeastern Syria since the jihadists failed, after a four-month offensive, to take the Kurdish center of Kobane earlier this month.

Kurdish forces during the operation to retake the town:

(Featured Photo: Rodi Said/Reuters)

Syrian Military Claims Gains in Offensive South of Damascus

The Assad regime is claiming an advance in its weeks-long offensive south of Damascus, including the capture of the villages of Himrit, Sultaniyeh, and al-Habaria.

Trying to push back months of rebel gains, the regime launched an offensive earlier this month along a 20-km (12-mile) front in southern Damascus and northern Daraa Provinces. Syrian forces gained the town of Deir al-Addas but were then checked and concentrated on fortifying the new frontline.

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        • ISIS will have support in the area, because of the so called ‘gunam’ (It think that’s the spelling). These are Arabs settled on confiscated Kurdish land during Hafez’s reign. They oppose the Kurds for fear they may demand the land back.


    1. FSA Fighter: Nusra Is Showing a Different Face

    2. Iran cleric vows to ‘raise flag of Islam on White House’ to avenge Israeli attack

    Actually there is no need for that. Iran already owns our current president and his closest advisors who have no problem with such remarks as they negotiate a sellout deal on nukes and sanctions.

    3. Bi-partisan Senate bill would require Congressional oversight of any deal with Iran

    No deal beats a bad deal and Obama has become justifiably infamous for such (the chemical weapons deal, the 5-for-one deserted deal with the Taliban).

    As far as Iran reforming, see the kind of behavior described in previous paragraph, see the continued house arrest of two presidential candidates, see Iran-sponsored genocide against Sunnis in Syria. See the Iran-sponsored takeover of Yemen. See the recent target practice aimed at a mockup of a US carrier.

    4. Scale of racism in World Cup host Russia a threat, report says

    “xenophobic attitudes inside the fan community correlate directly with high levels of ethnic xenophobia in Russian society in general which have been developing intensively since the early 2000s,” the report says.

    Backwardia (Primitivia) will be Backwardia and shouldn’t be hosting any World Cup given its horrific crimes in the Ukraine and Syria.–spt.html


    Having no experience in Arabic, I’m assuming the black flags to the east of the regime’s position represent ISIS, not JAN. Either way, regime forces are at potential risk of getting sandwiched. I recall seeing a tweeter reporting a large ISIS convoy headed toward Aleppo yesterday.

    If that’s ISIS to the East, it hasn’t attacked regime forces yet according to reports (and vice versa). Should it do so, the best option for Assad’s forces might be surrender to the rebels in which case some conscripts might join the rebels in battling ISIS to the east or the regime to the south. However regime troops who were involved in a recent massacre of rebel families and other civilians will likely resist such a move.

    It’s equally possible regime forces and ISIS have made a deal to collaborate as in Damascus a day or so ago when Obama did nothing but looked on while regime forces simply moved out of the way and allowed ISIS to attack the rebel. That demonstrates how Obama is more serious about appeasing Khamenei and his proxy ruler Assad than fighting ISIS. Thus the White House, Assad and ISIS seem to cooperate against the rebels. Congress needs to look into that when discussing Netanyahu’s charges.

    Thomas Van Linge tweets “according to reports around 600 republican guard regime forces are on their way to Aleppo to complete the siege on the city,”

    Assad probably would prefer not to expend his “elite” forces in Aleppo but may have no choice. Doing so would step up Alawite casualties and accelerate discontent on the coast. It has become obvious that unwilling and inexperienced conscripts and Afghan mercenaries haven’t cut the mustard in the north.

    Karim tweets, “Bashar’s “republican guard” are nothing but regular soldiers who were most experienced with shooting peaceful Syrian protestors in 2011.”


    Caution: The “before” map on the left appears to be one of Peto Lucem, well-known for maps in favor of the regime. It’s position wasn’t as good as on that map but still far more favorable than than it is now, as shown on the second map from the far more reliable archicivilians.

    VIDEO: Infamous regime thug “Abu Mayzr” forcefully marries a child bride in the Aleppo countryside. Just like Da3ish.


    Iranian soldiers, Hezbollah militants and regime forces captured the villages of Himrit, Sultaniyah and Sabsabah.–Thomas Van Linge.

    But at what price and can they hold it? And how will Israel react?


    Pentagon: “Nothing has changed about the policy that there is not going to be a U.S. military solution to Assad.” Obama’s master in Tehran must be obeyed and his surrogates protected, regardless of crimes.

    • Keep in mind everyone in a regime like this eleit forces means politclly loyal so gets better wepons and more pay. Eleit Dose not in any way mean better soliders. Unlike in the west were armies are mostly meritocracies. Do you know that the army was one of the few places in pre-60s US were black men could rise quite high compered to other professions.

      • Don’t forget that most of rebel fighters are the same or worse. Not to mention command capabilities. Lot of rebel commanders and soldiers had no previous experience or is the same as the SAA, NDF soldiers. Or to put it simple this comment you to made means nothing. On a lot of front lines we have a bunch of armed man against another bunch of armed man. That’s why crazies like ISIS had success. That’s why experience fighters from HA made big diff.,

        About price for south offensive we will see. It looks currently that rebel paid bigger price. Can they hold? Very very posbille that they will and even continue to Tal Hara. Even if don’t go further this line now is much much easier to hold. I know you probably dont believe that but ask someone who knows something about military and war and look and maps you will see what I’m talking about.
        Israel might react but question when and why. If SAA, HA and etc dont go past Tal Hara maybe they even dont react at all. The only one who knows about that is Israel. Rest of us might just keep wish one or the other way :)

    • The key to the map clearly identifies the grey area as ISIS.

      Daesh uses the white oval “Seal of Mohammed” on its flags. As a rule, other Salafi groups do not, preferring either plain black flags or other calligraphy.

      • “Infamous regime thug “Abu Mayzr” forcefully marries a child bride in the Aleppo countryside. Just like Da3ish.”

        Like you, I don’t speak Arabic, so I don’t know if the bride’s age is mentioned. However I will note that she appears to be as tall as most of the men in the video. I’d guess she’s at least 15 and probably older.

        Nor is there any evidence I can see that the marriage is coerced.

  3. Big victory for YPG against ISIS in Tell Hamis, in the past they had failed two times to take it. But now, they are on a roll against ISIS.

    The IS is under pressure in a lot of places. In Iraq, the shia militias and peshmerga are gaining the initiative, In Syria, ISIS advances have been completely stopped. When was the last time they had a military victory or advance in Syria.

    They remain a strong force for the moment, but their attacking sword has been broken in Kobane.

    They are fighting too many ennemies at one time and on too many fronts and I am looking forward to the shrinking of their territory for the next 1-2 years.

    • Remember 45 that Daesh can’t really work as an underground movement like al-qeada as it is seperatist movement, if Bagdadi loses terriototy he lose everything and his “liegitamicy” as a caliph. When he starts losing more territory some followers will see him as a fake and abandon him to put in his own bodybag-daddy.

      • The loss of Mossul this year could damage them a lot. Their main aura to attract fighters from other groups or abroad was their aura of invincibility which is now seriously questionned.

          • American leaked a plan for a Mossul battle to start this year, april-may, with 25 000 Iraqi-Kurdish troops, hoping that ISIS would prepare a retreat.

            • I heard about this and it sounds very very silly. Whoever wants to accomplish this task -and it will be one the major battles of the last 50 years- will lost thousands of fighters and will have to devastate the hole city to root ISIS out -probably also killing thousands of inocent civilians in the process-.

              Please someone tell me where are the two million refugees going to escape to, Erbil?

      • Possible but dont forget that IF that happens that does not mean that FOLLOWERS will be gone. They just change name and here we go good old AQ all over again. Meaning guerrilla war again.

        • I heard about this and it sounds very silly. why should they fear the ridiculous iraqui army?.

          Whoever wants to accomplish this task -and it will be one the major battles of the last 50 years- will lost thousands of fighters and will have to devastate the hole city to root ISIS out -probably also killing thousands of inocent civilians in the process-.

          Please someone tell me where are the two million refugees going to escape to, Erbil?

          • ISIS has only around 2,000 fighters in Mosul. The Iraqi government and the Peshmurga are currently trying to encircle the city to cut off their supply lines. The YPG offensive around Tel Hamees south of Qamishlo is targeting those same supply lines.

            It’s anticipated that the Iraqi government and the Peshmurga will use around 25,000 troops to retake the city.

            It’ll be a significant battle but probably not even on the scale of Kobane.

  4. Also, Nusra is pulling an ISIS on rebels, as I told you more than one year ago, as they are annhilating US backed Hazzm after destroying SRF like ISIS annilated Northern Storm in its time.

    Nusra is backstabbing Hazm 10 kms away from the frontlines.


    Note how alike the Syrian, Iranian and Russian governments are in so many ways.

    1. A list of those killed for criticizing Putin.

    4. Putin’s ‘Hybrid’ Great Terror

    When reporters asked former world chess champion and Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov who was behind the assassination of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, he dismissed the question as irrelevant.

    Whoever did the dirty work, he implied, would have done so only with President Vladimir Putin’s blessing.

    (Absolutely as in the case above)

    3. The Russia That Died With Boris Nemtsov

    4. Member Of Nemtsov’s Party Beaten, Robbed In Tolyatti, by Putin’s thugs just before Nemtsov’s murder

    • People like Nemtsov and Kasparov are absolutely no threat to Putin politically wise, because they are americanized and ordinary russians don’t want to be ruled by america.

      I don’t know who shot Nemtsov but it’s obvious it’s not on the order of Putin. Absolutely no gain for him here as Nemtsov was a toothless pro american.

      • He probably shot himself to make the universally beloved Putin look bad and prevent him from fulfilling his
        Sacred Mission to save the white race from the twins evils of race-mixing and democracy.


    Earlier today I reported on some regime advances from a non-regime source. Now the regime appears to be getting pushed back. Paradoxy writes:
    “First Army recaptures Tuloul Fatima & Tal Qarin (near Kafr Nasej) from regime forces & Shia militias following heavy clashes. #Daraa #Syria

    Fatima is directly north of Kafr Nasei and Tal Quinn is just northeast. If you look up the latest map from pro-regime Peto. Lucem who always exaggerate regime gains, you’ll find both towns listed as regime held. I’d have posted a link but I’ve been blocked there after citing one of his earlier maps and noting the inaccuracies.

    2. An article from The National (UAE) cites a general who defected from the Genocide Army who reports that over the past two months, the regime has built up a 6,000 man, all Shitte division for the fight on the southern front–mostly foreigners and led by Iran’s Al-Soleimei. As I’ve written before I can’t see Israel putting up with that for long close to its borders. Here is an interesting excerpt on how the Shiite offensive tactics have changed:

    Rebel units are still attempting to inch towards the Syrian capital, and to cut off regime troops in Deraa but they are now doing so against a better managed, more effective and more powerful regime force, including several army divisions. Air strikes and artillery have been used in fierce battles around the towns of Deir Al Adas, Kanaker, Namer and Sheikh Miskeen.

    Iranian command has brought with it new tactics, rebels said, including hit and run squads riding motorcycles and equipped with night vision goggles and machine guns or rocket-propelled grenade launcher, which have harried rebel controlled areas.

    “They attack from lots of different directions, all at once, like ants,” said a rebel commander, referring to a recent successful regime attack on Deir Al Adas. “The regime is now well organised,” he added.

    (Analysis: Even with changed tactics, the regime hasn’t gained much for the manpower and time expended. I believe the composition of this force explains the relative weakness of the offense in the north).


    1. Last week what initially looked like a stunning victory in Northern Aleppo for the Syrian Regime has turned into an apparent disaster that threatens to actually set the Assad regime in a worse position then it was before the offensive. Conflict News reports on what happened and why:

    2. In an earlier post discussing the regime’s position between ISIS and rebels in northern Syria I noted two possible explanations for ISIS’ failure to attack so far. I should note another possibility: ISIS has had forces in the area for some time without attacking the Genocide Army from the west. However, I’m not sure it can continue to remain inactive there. ISIS may be building up forces while letting its two opponents thump one another after which it will move take advantage.

    3. Photo with caskets: Regime’s military hospital received 122 dead bodies this week.

    4. Are rebels opening another front in Aleppo? Pro-regime Edward Dark complains: “rebel shells continue to rain down on Azizieh west Aleppo for 4 days now. 6 so far today. That’s interesting because the town is a strategic location between Al Safira and Aleppo’s main airport. ISIS can also threaten Al Safira which could be light on defenders in an effort to save regime forces further north.

    5. Regime trolls online are really playing up the UN effort to get a cease fire which may reflect a serious military predicament if the Shia Genocide Alliance has switched its best troops to the south. Rebels are onlikely to fall for Mistura’s deal for several reasons:

    –More rebel victories may be on the way in the Aleppo area.

    –DiMistura discredited himself when he said that Assad (the Syrian Hitler) should have a role in any political settlement.

    –The way the regime misused past deals of the same sort to starve people and to arrest and detain rebels.

    –.The fact that Obama and Kerry, known stooges for Iran who never keep their word, are endorsing DiMistura’s proposals.

    If that pair likes the idea and the regime trolls keep pushing it you know it’s a Bad Deal. I suspect the regime thought its recent offensive would do better and that it also counted on rapid gains in the south to free up forces for a shift to Aleppo. It turned out wrong on both counts.

  8. According SOHR, the YPG and SMC have now taken Tel Brak southwest of Tel Hamees.

    They’re describing this is as the third collapse of an ISIS unit after Kobani and Tel Hamees.

    “While yesterday, YPG fighters could seize the town of Tal Hamis after sporadic clashes with IS on the southern eastern outskirts of the town, where IS militants retreated towards other areas in the province of al- Hasakah. in addition to, YPG, backed by al- Sanadid Army and coalition’s airstrikes, has taken control over 103 villages and farmlands after violent clashes with IS militants. The clashes resulted in the death of 175 IS militants and dozens of fighters of YPG and al- Sanadid Army.”

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