1. Re: “Jabhat al-Nusra Leader Calls for Halt to In-Fighting”

    If you do not classify ISIS as part of the Syrian insurgency, then surely they are not “in” for it to become infighting. Freudian slip, or did the Nusra front use the term “infighting” themselves?


    –Even with rebels fighting ISIS, the Sect arian Armed Forces have not gained an inch in Aleppo and are getting clobbered near Base 80.

    –The Homs/Damascus highwy remains closed more than a month now even under favorable circumstances.

    –Recall the five “terms of surrnder” recently signed in Barzem. If you missed them see:


    Here’s how a regime defender “spun” those terms: “the rebels surrendered to the government and now they have a power sharing system in barzeh, with the rebels stopping armed attacks on the government, and traffic passing by.”

    So today I’ve decided to play a news reporter for SANA giving an in-depth restatement of that spin:


    “In Barzeh the terrorists were losing badly to our glorious army and pleaded to surrender. Athough the regime is usually not inlclined to show mercy to terrorists, it made an exception in this case simply because our upper hand was so great.

    “aving more than enough power to crush the rebels in Berzeh and any fellow terrorists who might challenge us, the government agreed nevertheless to give away the store because we badly needed the rebels for protection and felt we could trust the terrorists to do so.”

    • The Homs-Damascus highway has been open without any problem since the fall of Nabek.

      I don’t even know what you are talking about now, it’s so ridiculous the way you are behind the events.

      • You’ve claimed so since Day One. Rebels don’t need Nabek to target any convoy from the hills they control, along with the next town down which the regime has been trying to take, or the Adra area, or the area near Qaboun. So how many convoys have made it through safely in the last month? Next you”ll tell me the regime can safely use the roads to Palmyra either via Dumeir or via Homs.

        • it seems that the rebels have ten liters worth of fighters but only a two liter bucket with which to arm and equip them. By contrast, the regime has a six liter bucket but only two liters worth of soldiers. IMO, no matter what the propaganda, the last bucket to run dry will win the war.


    From James Milller: “Fake pictures, unverified witnesses in TV studios, and a lack of evidence—RT’s coverage of a massacre in Syria.

    The Massacre in Syria That Wasn’t: A Look at Russia Media Coverage of Adra


    Russia Times: “People put in ovens, entire families kidnapped, Christians and Alawites executed — These horrifying reports come to RT from the town of Adra…blah, blah, blah…Our crew spoke to some of the survivors.” (Sure your crew did!)

    Readers will recall how Russian coverage of the chemical missile attack resembled, SANA’s coverage exactly. Everyone knows how the rebels managed to sneak in among mountaintop positions of “elite” regime unit, borrow their equipment and bombard their own people, then sneak away with no one noticing. The odd thing is those rebels could easily have done far more damage by targeting the barracks of the 4th Amoured Division.

    Another similar between the Putin regime, the Alawite Regime and the IRI lies in the treatment of political opponents and journalists who fail to follow the universal ine. Either they get “death squad” treatment or wind up in prison. Of course these these bad guys support one another. Of course they fear democracy above all. The shameful thing is that our American’s president cuddles up with, aids and abets these Bad Guys as well on Chamberlain’s naïve theory that “If you are nice to Bad Buys they will be nice to you.”

    No wonder many Ukrainians do not want to be assimilated into the “Great Backwardness!”

    • Somebody identified the Adra photo’s used by russian and syrian state media as the exact same photos used last spring in a Homs massacre.

      Additionally if you examine the eyewitness testimony it is self conflicting.
      “They killed everybody in the police station! Now they are holding them hostage as human shields!!” (dead bodies for human shields? what good is that?)
      “They killed all the christians!” (really? there are only 70 christians in adra?)
      “They had lists and were taking anybody on the list!!” (well, duh! they had a list ashabiha and ba’ath).

      Actually, considering that they had a list of shabiha and ba’ath officers, 70 seems like a very low number. A massacre? If anything, they erred on the side of forgiveness.

  4. More than 270 rebels and ISIS fighters killed in only 4 days of fighting with hundreds more injured or captured.

    And this is continuing at the same pace, ISIS is still in Raqqa with reinforcements it seem and the fighting continue to escalate.

    The loss of manpower in rebel rank will be very heavy, alongside the disorganization and the distrust;

    One more month at this rythm and the rebellio will have self destructed by itself.

    • Re:The loss of manpower in rebel rank will be very heavy, alongside the disorganization and the distrust;

      OPTIMISM BUSTER #!: Your 270 figure combines rebel losses and ISIS losses as if all were rebels. ISIS IS a regime ally and rebel killer, as well as a killer of journalists and democractic activists (folks the regime also treats as enemies by no coinciidence). Take way the ISIS losses (the greater portion) what remains is a mere drop in th bucket especially when the rebels vastly outnumber the regime when it comes to competent, super-motivated fighters. The non-ISIS KIA totals for rebels are less the lovely toll from one gorgeous JAN suicide bombing.

      OPTIMISM BUSTER #2: Worse yet, these miniscule rebel losses occurred in locations where the regime’s chances of winnig are equal to your chances of gettting all the numbers in the Powerball lottery–the north and east. Add the fact that it hasn’t gained an inch in those areas in consequence of the rebel infighting.

      OPTIMISIM BUSTER #3: If Isis is driven out of Syria it will be a catastrophe for the Assad regime and a huge plus for the rebels, making thier job so much easier in the future. abhat is appealing for a truce but neither securlar rebels and moderate to firm Islamists other than Al Queda shows the slightest interest. Any chance of that disappeared with the discovery of ISIS’ regime-like massacres with “regime-preferred” victims. Rebels will coordinate infinitely better with ISIS gone. Even Jabhat cooperates. Isus has been such a useful tool for Assad. Of course the regime did so much to nourish it. To do otherwise would be nuts.

  5. Activists from the SOHR said on Monday that fighters from the FSA and Islamist factions have besieged the headquarters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Raqqa, northeastern Syria.

    A military source on the FSA’s eastern front, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Asharq Al-Awsat : “ISIS may lose control of Raqqa at any moment, exactly like the regime suddenly lost control of it.”

    The FSA has continued to attack ISIS in other areas in northern Syria. A senior member of the FSA’s local operations room, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told :

    “We are 72 hours away from liberating Idlib and Aleppo, after which we will aim to liberate the border crossings with Turkey if ISIS members have not already vacated them.”


  6. In fighting that erupted on January 3, ISIL has been driven from several of its strongholds in northern Syria by rival rebel factions.

    Some ISIL fighters have been killed. Many others have been captured or forced to flee, defect, or hand over their headquarters to the Nusra Front, a closely related al-Qaeda faction that is not part of the fighting.


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