President Ebrahim Raisi (pictured) has continued Iran’s stalling over a resumption of talks about renewal of a 2015 nuclear deal.

In his first State TV interview as President, Raisi said on Saturday that Tehran is ready to resume the discussions over a US return to the agreement, lifting of American sanctions, and Iran’s return to compliance with the provisions. But he continued

The Westerners and the Americans are after talks together with pressure … What kind of talks is that? I have already announced that we will have talks on our government’s agenda but not with…pressure.

After the sixth round of the Vienna talks in June, Iran’s lead negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said the discussions were “closer to the end of the road“.

But Raisi’s managed election intervened days later. Iranian officials soon said there would be no resumption before his Presidential inauguration in early August. Last week, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said it would be “2 to 3 months” before any restart in Vienna.

On Wednesday, both France and Germany called for Iran to return to negotiations; however, Amir Abdollahian rebuffed the call. He chided the Europeans for “inaction” over US sanctions, saying Washington must “understand that we do not surrender to those pressures”.

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Responding to the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the deal and then comprehensive US sanctions from November 2018, Iran has broken the 2015 agreement by resuming enrichment of 20% uranium. In April, it began enrichment of 60% uranium for the first time, and it has not renewed an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency for inspections of facilities.