Photo: Aaref Wated/AFP

The Assad regime has doubled the price of bread and almost tripled the cost of fuel oil of home heating in its areas of Syria.

With crippled wheat production and difficulties in imports, the regime raised the cost of a pack of subsidized bread from 100 to 200 Syrian pounds.

The increase is the latest in a series of price rises. Quality has decreased, and Syrians spend hours waiting for subsidized loaves.

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The cost of mazot, used to heat homes and bakeries, has been raised from 180 to 500 Syrian pounds.

Trying to limit the impact of the inflation, Bashar al-Assad has issued a decree raising the salaries of civilian workers and military personnel by 50%.

UN officials reported last week that food prices have risen 247% in Syria in the past year. A World Food Programme survey in May found that 73% of families bought food on credit.