The wreckage of a bus, carrying Assad regime troops, attacked by the Islamic State in eastern Syria, December 30, 2020

Islamic State fighters have reportedly abducted at least 19 hostages in a raid on a police station in western Syria.

Local sources said the fighters used motorbikes in the assault on station in al-Saan in Hama Province. They abducted eight soldiers and police officers, and at least 11 civilians whom they accuse of being informers of the Assad regime’s security services.

The reports claimed that 46 other people were captured but released. State news agency SANA said one civilian was killed in the fighting.

ISIS was pushed out of its last established position, in northeast Syria, in March 2019 after a 3 1/2-year operation by the US-supported, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

But Islamic State cells have continued to operate in the regime-held areas across central Syria. Attacks have escalated since last year. A series of assaults and bombings from December killed dozens of regime and Iran-backed troops and security personnel.

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