The Assad regime’s Scientific Studies Research Center at al-Safirah, near Aleppo in northwest Syria (File)

Israel’s latest missile strikes inside Syria have damaged a missile production facility of the Assad regime.

Satellite images confirm the destruction of one building and the damage of another at the al-Safira complex outside Aleppo city in northwest Syria.

The regime’s military had reported the firing of the missiles on Friday; however, they did not report any damage and, as usual, claimed that missiles had been shot down by anti-aircraft defenses.

Following standard practice, the Israel Defense Forces did not comment on the strikes.

The Safira complex is one of the regime’s largest for the development of advanced conventional weapons and missiles. Israel also struck the facility in early May, near the Scientific Studies and Research Center which pursues both conventional and chemical weapons research and development.

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Throughout Syria’s 114-month conflict, Israel has regularly struck regime and Iranian positions. It is seeking to prevent transfer of weapons and missiles to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, another essential backer of the regime, and to pressure Iran to withdraw its forces and Iranian-led foreign militias.

Since April, the strikes have escalated. Targets across the country have included Damascus International Airport, the T4 base in central Syria, positions with Iranian personnel and Iranian-led militia near the Iraq border, and Assad regime posts in southwest Syria near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Two weeks ago, Israel fired missiles on the Damascus airport, destroying a command center and a warehouse. They damaged an airstrip at the T-4 base, claiming it was used by the Iranians to bring arms into Syria and transfer them to Hezbollah.

Unconfirmed claims said 16 Iran-backed fighters were killed in the T-4 attack.

UPDATED: Israel Strikes T4 Airbase and Other Pro-Assad Targets in Syria, Causing Casualties