Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks with reporters after a return from campaigning, New Castle, Delaware (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Professor Angelia Wilson and I joined BBC Radio Scotland on Sunday to talk about the issues in the US elections, the state of the US political and social system, and the prospect that Donald Trump might defy the outcome.

But before we got to those important topics, we had to deal with the disinformation and smears from Trump supporter Steve Merczynski that preceded us — from lies about Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign to misrepresentation of Black Lives Matter marches and Coronavirus to the insinuation that Biden is mentally deficient.

Listen from 1:48.01

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Why I am worried about this disinformation — we call it “horse hockey” back home — is because it’s dangerous horse hockey.

It’s the media’s job not to be led by the nose by this. It’s not the media’s job to report disinformation and falsehoods. It’s the media’s job to call this out.

Look, the American system is at stake here. A discussion is needed on issues — Coronavirus, the economy, social justice, foreign policy.

The more you descend into the megaphone of misinformation, the more you’re doing the Trump campaign’s work.