Brian Klaas of University College London and I joined Monocle 24’s The Globalist on Monday to discuss the latest political gambit by Donald Trump as the US death toll from Coronavirus surges past the 10,000 mark.

We highlight Trump’s promotion of the untested drug hydroxylchloroquine, overruling his medical advisors. We look at the Administration’s lack of preparation for the crisis, Trump’s political manipulation of critical medical supplies, and the conduct of November’s elections.

Listen from 5:44:

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The Administration has made this political.

“Let’s play with the 50 States. Those who oppose us do not get necessary medical supplies. We will criticize and insult them on a daily basis. Those who do work with us, who are loyalists: we will shower them with Federal Government supplies, even if they are not the states most directly affected.”

Trump’s priority is not individual Americans, thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans who are affected. It’s loyalty to him.