White Helmets civil defense at a site bombed by Russian-regime forces in Al-Bab, Aleppo Province, northwest Syria, February 2, 2020

Fighting has escalated in western Aleppo Province in northwest Syria, with Russian-regime attacks trying to seize territory and anti-Assad forces counter-attacking outside Aleppo city.

International attention — but no international action — has been focused on the Russian-regime assault on neighboring Idlib Province, with more than 1,500 civilians killed, thousands wounded, and more than 800,000 displaced in the greater Idlib area since late April.

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But having seized almost all of northern Hama Province and part of southern Idlib, Russia and the Assad regime have recently stepped up air and ground attacks on opposition-held territory in western Aleppo.

Local sources said pro-Assad warplanes targeted the city of Al-Bab, 35 miles northeast of Aleppo city, early Sunday. The Sheikh al-Doshel mosque was among the sites struck.

The bombing of the city was the first since 2017.

Turkish-supported forces of the Syrian National Army had counter-attacked south of Al-Bab early Saturday, seizing two joint Russian-regime checkpoints in the Shaala radar base. Several pro-Assad fighters were reportedly captured.

The jihadist bloc Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham carried out two suicide car bomb attacks on regime positions on the western edge of Aleppo city. Fighting was reported in the al-Zahraa district.

Syrian State news agency SANA insisted regime troops destroyed four car bombs before they reached their targets. Pro-Assad outlets claimed a “fierce attack” had been repelled, by anti-Assad sites said a group of houses on a hill overlooking Aleppo were taken.

Pro-Assad forces occupied eastern Aleppo city in December 2016, after a months-long siege and bombing campaign that killed thousands of civilians. More than 50,000 civilians were forcibly transferred to other parts of northern Syria.