A White Helmets rescuer carries a child killed by Russia-regime bombing of Abdita, Idlib Province, northwest Syria, December 15, 2019

After a pause because of bad weather, Russia and the Assad regime renewed their deadly bombing of Idlib Province in northwest Syria on Monday, striking towns and two camps for displaced Syrians.

The White Helmets civil defense said four children and two women were among the slain, and at least 12 civilians injured, as “high-explosive missiles” were used in the attacks.

Maasran, south of Idlib city, was among the towns attacked. Its bakery was destroyed. Other fatalities were in Binnish, east of Idlib.

Video showed rescuers retrieving bodies — including of children — evacuating families and moving among the bodies of killed sheep.

The camps include civilians displaced from parts of southern Idlib and neighboring Hama Province, overrun during a Russia-regime offensive that began in late April. On November 20, Russian-regime attacks killed 15 people in a camp near the Turkish border.

The greater Idlib area has about 3 million people, 20% of Syria’s population after 104 months of conflict.

Since late April, the Russia-regime bombing and shelling has killed at least 1,100 civilians, injured thousands, and displaced more than 500,000.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “pause” in the airstrikes in early September, but they resumed in early November. Turkey, which has forces in northern Syria, said — during its co-operation with Moscow on a long-shattered “de-escalation zone” in northwest Syria — that the attacks have killed 63 civilians, including 43 children, and displaced another 90,000 people in recent weeks.

The strikes eased last week, but only because of heavy rain which has fed floods in the camps.

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The UN has said the killing is tantamount to “war crimes” but the international community has taken no action to check the assault.