Popular Mobilization Forces personnal stand by a burning truck after a drone attack, blamed on Israel, in western Iraq near the Syria border, August 25, 2019 (AP)

Iran-backed Iraqi militia have been hit by another airstrike in eastern Syria.

Pro-opposition activists of Deir ez-Zor 24 said a drone fired missiles on a position in al-Bukamal on the Iraqi border, hitting a weapons depot of the Popular Mobilization Forces.

The collective said at least 10 fighters were killed. Other reports said there were no casualties, but Iraqi officials supported the claim of deaths.

The Assad regime military initially denied any attack. It later acknowledged the strike, but asserted that no fighter was killed.

Last week, warplanes targeted an arms depot and posts in al-Bukamal, killing at least 18 fighters. The Israeli military is suspected of the strike, although it has not claimed responsibility.

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Israel, which has struck Iranian and Hezbollah targets throughout the 102-month Syria conflict, has expanded attacks in recent months. The Israelis have bombed PMF bases inside Iraq, and have carried out a drone attack on Hezbollah in southern Beirut in Lebanon.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is demanding the complete withdrawal from Syria of Iranian and Iran-backed forces, which have been essential since 2012 in keeping Bashar al-Assad in power.

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The Iranian-supported militia and Hezbollah were significant in the recapture of al-Bukamal from the Islamic State in late 2017. The border crossing to Iraq is still closed.