A man checks debris at a vegetable stall after an Assad regime airstrike on Maar Shurin. Idlib Province, northwest Syria, July 16, 2019 (AFP)

The latest Assad regime bombing of a market in northwest Syria has killed at least 12 people and injured scores.

Residents and rescuers reported the attack on Maar Shurin village in southern Idlib Province on Tuesday. Videos showed charred bodies and badly burnt people carried by rescuers.

“O God, people have become charred. It’s doomsday,” cried out Abdullah al-Idlibi, a White Helmets rescuer.

(Warning: Graphic Images)

Russian-regime attacks have killed at least 600 civilians, including 157 children, in Idlib since late April. More than 2,100 people have been injured, and at least 330,000 of Idlib and northern Hama’s 3 million population — about 20% of those remaining in Syria — have been displaced.

Many of the bombings have been on markets where people congregate. Others have been on medical facilities, with 34 struck, and on 31 civil defense centers and vehicles.

Last Friday, as Bashar al-Assad met Russian officials in Damascus, regime bombardment killed 11 civilians, most of them children, and wounded 45 in coordinated attacks across Idlib.

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The Assad regime regularly broke the demilitarized zone around northern Hama and Idlib, declared by Russia and Turkey last September. It escalated the bombing and shelling from mid-February, and further stepped up attacks with the launch of a Russian-regime offensive on northwest Hama on May 6.

Despite the assault on civilians, the offensive has been unable to break resistance. Enabled by Russian airstrikes and advisors on the ground, Assad forces quickly took several towns and villages in northwest Hama but have been checked by Turkish-backed rebels and the Islamist bloc Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.