Donald Trump with Queen Elizabeth II at D-Day ceremonies, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, June 5, 2019

EA’s partner Political WorldView takes apart Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK, looking not only at the royal treatment but also — and more importantly — Trump’s intervention in British domestic politics and attempt to leverage economic advantage from a post-Brexit London looking for the salvation of a trade deal.

Regulars Adam Quinn and Scott Lucas are joined by University of Birmingham colleagues Michell Chresfield and David Dunn, in a recording from the University’s Green Heart Festival.

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0:00 — Introduction
3:32 — “What are Your 1st Impressions of Trump’s Visit?”
12:57 — Trump’s Desire to Be a King
18:27 — How The Irish Did It Differently
21:51 — Was There Any Substance for Policy?
30:59 — “Just Because the Circus Left Town, Doesn’t Mean It Didn’t Leave a Mess”
38:33 — Is There a Stable US-UK Relationship?
41:40 — Changing After Trump: “We Can’t Go Back To ‘Normal'”
43:41 — Seeing Only a “White” Britain and a “White” Trump
48:27 — Where Are We in 5 Years?