UPDATE 1200 GMT: We are still in the process of building pages on the new site.

We apologize to readers about the font and color of text at the moment. We realize that this is not optimal for reading, especially for those with poor eyesight, and have this at the top of our priority list.

We also apologize that posts outside the five latest in each category are not accessible via the homepage. We hope also to fix this soon.

We are updating the EA website — to improve access for our existing readers and to bring in a new audience.

EA will now stand for “Engagement. Analysis” as we offer a window on the world, from Syria to Iran to Europe to the US. Building on our foundation of engaging from the ground up with contributors and local groups, we will be expanding our news and analysis of these areas and looking to move into others.

There will also be a ground-breaking partnership with the University of Birmingham, linking the latest academic research to insight on current events, as well as our current link with the Clinton Institute of University College Dublin.

And, yes, there will be a new logo to reflect all of this.

Onward and upwards. Thanks to all of you.