I joined Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO on Friday morning to review latest developments in UK and US politics, including:

Listen from 8:29 in 0630-0700 Segment

1. Brexit talks resume with UK Government bringing no plan — and facing the Brexiteers who are ready for “No Deal”

If you don’t go in with the Chequers Plan, you gotta come in with a replacement — or else you’re left with No Deal. And there’s been no follow-up to the Chequers Plan over trade, the Irish border, and the status of EU citizens in the UK and of UK citizens in the EU.

2. UK opposition Labour Party’s anti-semitism probem continues, with a “naive” leader in Jeremy Corbyn and his political opponents inside and outside the party exploiting the situation

There is a fight for control within the Labour Party. Where I’m concerned is we’re at the point where politics and the exploitation of the issue by all sides is taking us into the weeds.

This conflation of Israel-Palestine with anti-semitism is threatening not only to rip apart Labour but is muddying political discourse within this country, which is going to cause damage whatever happens to Corbyn.

3. The US media — well, the media except for outlets like Fox, Breitbart, and The Wall Street Journal — rally for freedom of the press against Donald Trump’s attempt to write them out of existence as “enemy of the American people”

Once Donald Trump is gone — and eventually he will go — this issue of where the media stands in US politics remains. The US political system is badly damaged right now, and in any political system, you need a press which feels it can report, which feels it can hold power to account and be proclaimed illegitimate.

I’ve seen this happen in other countries, with journalists being killed, journalists being detained. We’re not there yet in the US, but we are there in terms of discouse when Donald Trump says journalists are the “enemy of the people”.