Leading up to and beyond the June 8 UK General Election, University of Birmingham experts will be contributing video seminars and analyses to EA WorldView.

The seminars and analyses (about 5 minutes each) will assess the issues in the campaign, the state of the major parties, and the implication for the UK — about to leave the European Union for an unknown future — and the world.

We will be featuring a new video almost every day until the vote and then filming seminars assessing the significance of the outcome. Click on the links for the Videocast:

9 Essential 2-Minute Analyses

It’s What Happens Next That Matters — Scott Lucas

Britain Can’t Afford A Conservative Government — Huw Macartney

The Activists Speak

The Inequality and Housing Problems — John Fender

The Promotion of Leadership — Scott Taylor

Political WorldView Podcast: UK General Election — The Students Speak

The World & the “Unnoticed” UK General Election — Sotirios Zartaloudis

Domestic Issues and A Question of Leadership — Mark Goodwin

The Aid and Development Issue — Jonathan Fisher

Britain and the World — Jamie Gaskarth, Julian Pänke, Nicholas J. Wheeler

The Brexit Panel — Colin Thain, Charlotte Galpin, Anthony Hopkins

Avoiding a Serious Brexit Discussion — David Dunn

An Introduction to the UK’s General Election — David Dunn, Karin Bottom, David Cutts

TOP PHOTO: Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Theresa May (Conservative), Tim Farron (Liberal Democrat), Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party)