In the first of a series of video seminars from the School of Government and Society at the University of Birmingham, David Dunn, Karin Bottom, and David Cutts introduce the issues and prospects for the UK’s general election on June 8:

David Dunn:

There’s not enough politics in this election. The main parties are dodging the main issues. The main question of our age is whether we leave the European Union, and our democratic process is failing us by not giving us a choice in this election.

Karin Bottom:

This is going to be a disruptive election because of the alliances that we might see and counter-intuitive voting behavior. While we might be seeing the unavoidable outcome of a Conservative majority, it might not be as high as many people think.

David Cutts:

This is a very boring election because the result is guaranteed, but it might possibly be a very important election.

TOP PHOTO: Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, Conservatives’ Theresa May, Liberal Democrats’ Tim Farron, and Scottish Nationalist Party’s Nicola Sturgeon