Syria Feature: 34+ Killed in Regime’s Bombing of Idlib Market


PHOTO: Aftermath of strikes on vegetable market in Idlib city on Sunday

The warplanes of the Assad regime have carried out another mass killing, with at least 34 people dead in attacks on a vegetable market in Idlib city in northwest Syria.

The Local Coordination Committees said 50 were injured when two missiles hit the market.

There are graphic images of the victims, including children burned beyond recognition.

The strikes come less than two weeks after dozens of people were slain and about 250 injured in bombing near the National Hospital in the city.

On Saturday, the Assad regime had announced a truce with the opposition covering Idlib city, the besieged opposition-held town of Zabadani in Damascus Province, and the regime enclaves of al-Fu’ah and Kafraya north of Idlib.

Men try to put out a fire at a market hit by air strikes in Idlib city, Syria June 12, 2016. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah

(Photo: Ammar Abdullah/Reuters)


More Attacks in Idlib and Aleppo Provinces

Attacks in nearby Maarat Nu’man killed six civilians, including a woma and her 4 children, and the village of Mastoma was targeted with cluster bombs and shelling.

Intense airstrikes are also reported by Russian warplanes in Aleppo Province, including the Kallasa area of Aleppo city, Anadan, and Kafr Hamra. Other areas have been hit with incendiary and cluster bombs.

The Russian and Syrian air forces have killed hundreds of civilians in an escalation of bombing across northwest Syria since late May.

A father grieves as his son is pulled out of the rubble in Maarat al-Nu’man:

Men carry a victim from the Idlib market bombing:


Baby pulled alive from the Maarat al-Nu’man attacks:


A father says good-bye to his wife and four children killed in Maarat al-Nu’man:


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  1. Many of the Russian and Syrian regime attacks look having as the only purpose the killing of civilians.
    They really don’t understand that a father with the family and the house destroyed will become a moving bomb.They do not understand that a child will kill probably 20-40 Russians in a vodka bar in Tartous or the same number of people in a mall in Damascus ,in a so said alawite area.
    Putin is unable to see his foreign policy in “big”. Worms are unable to see,eat and move more than their natural born leaf. The tree and the forest for them ? Not existent!

    • I have the impression that the Russian campaign is being run primarily to give the pilots and troops involved some practice. It seems to be a training exercise more than anything.
      Putin is evidently as indifferent to human suffering as was Stalin. Or as are the Islamists.

      • The islamists are very sensitive to children(boys) and to women (if they can have and breed) their boys.
        The “training” for what ? Ukraine,Georgia,Baltics, Sweden,Poland, Romania ? Where on the earth will find more undefended “targets”?

  2. Brace yourself for more civilian deaths with both regime and rebels likely to encircle Aleppo`s divided regions.

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