Syria Daily, August 22: UN Calls For Halt to Fighting Between Israel and Assad


PHOTO: Car hit by Israeli airstrike in southwest Syria on Friday morning



Scores Dead in New Regime Airstrikes on Damascus Suburb of Douma
“Abandoned, We Are Nothing But Numbers and Lists”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called for a halt to fighting between Israel and the Assad regime, after three waves of Israeli attacks inside Syria.

In the latest strikes, Israeli jets reportedly hit Syrian Army and militia positions near the towns of Al-Kawm, Al-Ba’ath, Jibba, Khan Arnabi, and Hader in southwestern Syria on Friday night.

A pro-Assad outlet, citing a militia source, said five people were killed and 12 wounded. It did not identify the casualties as military or civilian.

Ban’s office issued a statement on Friday:

The Secretary-General is deeply concerned over the serious violations of the Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria.

The Secretary-General condemns all violations of the Disengagement of Forces Agreement and calls on all concerned to refrain from any action that jeopardizes the ceasefire between Israel and Syria and undermines the stability of the area. The Secretary-General calls on all involved to exercise maximum restraint to prevent any further escalation in an already tense regional environment.

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor responded on Saturday that the UN Nations should condemn Thursday’s rocket fire from southwestern Syria into Israel, rather than putting out a general statement regarding both sides: “Israel holds Syria responsible for every attack that emanates from its territory, and knows that Iran is the ultimate producer of all terror incidents in the region.”

Four rockets landed in Galilee and the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. Israeli forces responded later Thursday with artillery fire and airstrikes from Quneitra Province near the border to the West Ghouta area of Damascus Province. Targets included the 68th and 90th Brigades, the 37th Regiment, a military security branch, artillery batteries, communications antennae, and other outposts and infrastructure.

Syrian State media said one soldier was killed and seven wounded in the attacks.

On Friday, an Israeli warplane hit a car carrying five men in Quneitra, killing all of them. Unconfirmed reports said the men were fighters in Assad’s militia, the National Defense Forces, while Syrian State media claimed they were civilians.

The attacks are the most widespread Israeli intervention in the 4 1/2-year conflict. West Jerusalem has previously carried out occassional strikes on military facilities, ports, and convoys with missiles reportedly bound for Assad’s ally Hezbollah. In January in Quneitra, they struck a convoy with Hezbollah and Iranian commanders and fighters, claiming that they were planning to set up rocket launching positions near the Golan Heights.

Scores Dead in More Regime Airstrikes on Damascus Suburb of Douma, Days After Mass Killing

The Syrian air force is continuing its assault on the Damascus suburb of Douma, almost a week after bombardment killed at least 112 people and wounded more than 550.

See Syria Developing: Scores Dead in New Regime Airstrikes on Damascus Suburb of Douma

Video: Rebels Fighting Assad Forces in Daraa

Rebels fighting for control of Tal Zataar near Daraa city:

Rebels launched offensives in June and late July trying to take regime-held parts of Daraa city, where the uprising against the Assad regime began in March 2011. Tal Zataar has changed hands several times during the fighting.

Claims: Islamic State Used Chemical Weapons on Rebels in Northern Aleppo Province

Claims are circulating that the Islamic State has used chemical weapons on rebels along a frontline near the town of Mare’ in northern Aleppo Province.

Medical staff said on Friday that they treated victims with breathing difficulties, coughing redness of the eyes and face, and itching skin.

The Islamic State allegedly used mustard gas earlier this month in fighting with Kurdish forces in northern Iraq. Old stocks of the gas were left in Iraq after the 2003 war; alternatively, the militants could have captured chemical material from the Syrian regime’s stockpiles.

Rebels and the Islamic State have been battling for months in the area. Rebel factions sent reinforcements earlier this month after the militants took villages close to Mare’.

A funeral march in Aleppo on Friday for a rebel killed in fighting with the Islamic State:

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  1. So what is this 5th or 6th time the UN has called for a cease fire between tow or more factions in this war?

  2. Excuse me mr Ban ki moon, there is no fight as well. Isrel is fcuking assad and assad is moaning. thats all. assad has no guts to fight back.

    • Netanyahu is a war criminal, paid by the Arab kings to attack the Syrian People. The most dangerous men in the world today…… Sunni kings and Netanyahu. Killing non-Jews and non-Sunnis.

  3. According to Rami: Israel has already crossed (ie invaded from) the Golan fence with tanks and infantry yesterday after the SAA stupidly (why stupid? Do they/SAA not have its hands full with the rebels that it begins an attack with a regional attack? Or has the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has infiltrated the Syrian military so fully that its officers now man SAA regiments bordering Israel?) started firing artillery into Israel.

    According to Daniel Niesman it’s not out of stupidity that SAA is shelling Israel but a deliberate policy.He says “Iran & proxies seem to believe Israel’s intl standing is vulnerable. In their rhetoric, & now in actions are willng to provoke”.

    Apparently Hezbollah has put its members on Lebanon/Israel border on alert (mobilisation?), Netanyahu is a skillful opportunist I suppose he’s now gambling that Hezbollah is so over-extended itself in Syria that Israel can now strike against it/Hezbollah with impunity and if Israel does Nasrullah is entirely to blame – Paradoxy 13

    #Ghab plain: Nusra now shelling Joreen – yalla souriya

    New rebel offensives in Ghab plains then?

    • Can I just say that if Israel does become more actively involved in Syrian civil war then the main beneficiaries won’t be just the southern front rebels but also the northern rebels as well, especially if Israel decides to invade southern Lebanon to attack Hezbollah. If. and its a big, all this comes to pass then both Nasrullah and Assad are truely shafted. The Iranians will be safe so as long Iraq is under their thumb but for every Shiite community west of the Euphrates are stuck in an inescapable catastrophic position. To the Alawites in Syria I’d tell them start leaving now before the rebels capture a city in Latakia province because the entrance of Israel into the Syrian civil war is the beginning of the end of Assad rule and once Assad goes the Turks will shut the borders and watch the rebels capture the cities you may live in.

      • wouldn’t Bibi very wise to quickly gain reliable allies among Syrian rebels ???

        you know the deal is Israel covertly supports them and in return rebels pledge to keep Golan quiet and help indestroy Hezzbolah/Iran and both could show the big middle finger to OBAMA

  4. My doomsday rambling aside: does anyone else suspect that Netanyahu is deliberately ordering the IDF to escalate in its response against SAA as a means to undermine the Iranian deal?

    • I think he using this as a golden opportunity to slaughter hezballs and as many Khomeini SS (aka IRGC) men as possible. Think all of Isreal s enemies save Hamas and the PLO are fighting in Syria perfect chance to destroy them.

  5. You know how they say homophobes are all really in the closest (with a naked man)? We heared of the various anti gay campaigners in the USA being caught doing they claim to hate?

    This leads me to think the ayatollahs might be as straight as zig zag. If you think about it they all wear dresses, there is the all male bonding, the obsession with discipline and submission. If need further evidence they find the female body offensive and beat women in the street for showing more than their face or hands. Tell how many straight men want women to dress like a Victorian spinster? Also they hate the the concept of female sex pleasure and women doing it for reasons outside of pregnancy.

    So seeing a girl naked is considered bad but you go to a bathhouse strip naked, with a bunch of other men and boys just males with no clothes on and massage from another naked man as rubs his hands all over your naked body. Oh don’t tell women are banned to stop infidelity because if sexual about it it be unisex look the ones in Japan and Scandinavia. According to the book Devil May Care has James Bond in Iran in the 60s and he and his contact go to a bathhouse and find its open to both those with internal and external reproductive organs at once. If true it would mean the Ayatollahs banned men from seeing naked women but allow them to see naked men.
    Personally I would rather eat a plate of living scorpions than go to all male bathhouse, but just me I don’t consider myself a prude it’s not like I demand women cover up everything but their face and hands or anything.

    Now in public women are made to dress like a 80 year old Mormon going to a funeral in 1951, and you can also see topless young men beating themselves in a masochist fashion with a stick and hear all the grunts and groans. That sounds the kind of society heterosexual men would like don’t you think.

    Not to mention the only western flim they talk about is 300 with features 300 magic Mike bodied men in just leather pants and sandles covered in oil. Penetrating the Persians with their thrusting their phallic shaped swords. Do I even need to explain that?

    Now we come to my personal favourite ayatollahs topic aunt sex. According to them it is only ok to have sex with your aunt if an earthquake causes you fall on top of her while your both naked in your home. This is not a side remark but detailed discussion one of them had on state controlled television. Is something any normal person of any sexual orientation ever thinks about? Let alone discuss it at length on national TV?

    So to some up in the Ayatollahs pious society men will not be allowed to speak to or touch someone of the opposite sex unless they are their mother, sister granny or aunt (whom they can have earthquake induced love making with). And they can’t ever see any of these women naked save the aunt if an plate tectonics cause some baby making. They would not know what a girl looks like naked till they are married. So until that time they can however see topless men grunt as they self flog, and go to the all male nudist bath house where nice massage from a fellow unclothed old man. Meanwhile women cannot show their elbows in public, tv is full of white bearded men dresses lecturing you about submission, aunt sex, discipline, aunt sex, abstinence, aunt sex, the sanders of being tempted by women and aunt sex, did I mention aunt sex?

    In Sawziland by comparison they have the reed dancing festival where bare breasted maidens dance and the king may chose one as his next wife. Just to show the other extreme.

    • You must really hate Iran’s “mullahcracy” for putting down on paper all those wild assumptions..Khamenei and his bunch are in power because they have support of a large part of the population and most importantly…the military!
      If the they did not not have an important powebase made up of those previously mentioned categories reformists like Rafsanjani would have finished this system when he was president…

      • One of my father’s (who was not old enough to buy alcohol in 1979) friends was beheaded by miserable mullahs so forgive me if I have bone to pick with them. And happen to find their hezballs puppets and grunts getting their just deserts in Syria rather cathartic.

        Oh and every word I put their is true they really do believe in aunt sex is ok if caused by an Earthquake and Khomeini did state that a man can marry a baby girl and have thigh sex with her. So just quick reminder of the kind of sex acts the ayatoliets think ok. Yep two consenting men doing it is wrong but an 56 year old man can use 6 month old baby girls legs to stimulate his Willy till he ejaculates. I don’t think even Jimmy Savile or Garry Giltter would stoop the level of vulgarity. Google Khomeini sex with babies if you don’t believe me.

        You must of been under a rock in 2009, and I doubt the relatives off the 30000 people they slaughtered in 1988 support them. Being in power is not indicative of popular support, Reza Shah was supported by the military so he must had popular support by your logic, and so was Qing dynasty in despite Manchu s being less than 2% of the Chinese population. The TPLF rules Ethiopia despite being dominated a minority ethic group. Did I mention Reza Shah was military officer and the support of the army?

        Also the parliament and president have no real power it’s all the real power is in the Ayatollahs and the SS like IRGC. Rouhani is a PR campagine and nothing more.
        If you think what I have written is a wild accusations tell me what heterosexual male believes that women should cover up at all times, but leave more men see naked men like the mullahs do? While simlotaniously given ample opportunity to see naked men?

        Is any wonder they still have not build a weapon that the US and USSR build 70 years ago? The Ayatollahs (Khamenie is not even qualified as one BTW) are a pathetic joke and insults to Iran’s history. the founder of Iran Cyrus the Great invented human rights was 1st leader to make freedom of religion a state policy. Today with followers of the Ballahulla being persecuted, clergy that disagree with khomenisist dogma in house arrest and antisemitic holocaust denying rants is causing Cyrus to role in his grave.


    FSA Nur al-Din az-Zanko destroyed regime 57 mm cannon in Bashkoy #Aleppo with TOW.


    Southern Storm rebels blow away government forces with a big rocket in Daraa


    What else can explain how Obama has repeated offerd his posteror to Khamenei, or the real reason he opposed NFZs, and his strong if indirect supported for the Assad-Iranian-Hezbollah-Putin War on Sunnis , Obama employs an Iranian as his person secretary. No surprise there, Photo:


    IDF jets are reportedly over Quneitra again today–Sami.


    “We have been saying/warning about that since Assad’s first massacre, in March 2011..when the only ISIS we knew was an Egyptian Goddess. We are witnessing ‘a better recruiting tool for ISIS than any propaganda’ notes Sami.

    Read more:


    According to pro #Hezbollah sources Rebels have killed Muhammad Nour Talib, who raised Hezbollah flag on a Sunni mosque in #Zabadani


    #1: As Putin Surfaces, Russia’s Ruble Takes a Dive

    #2: Displaying Justfied Contempt for Obama the Appeaser, Iran Unveils New Longer-Range Solid Fuel Missile

  8. Interesting development: Turkey closes the Esendere border crossing with Iran – Rami

    Not so long ago Iranian ministers condemned attacks on their trucks/vans well now the Turks have escalated and tightened the economic screws tighter and thus demonstrating that their leverage over Iran is far more stronger then the Iranian’s will ever be, couple this with increasing Israeli involvement in the Syrian civil war and Iran just may not got the economic fruits of its negotiation with the nuclear deal as they bargain since Iran has no route to trade with Europe unless either through Turkey or around the piratical horns of Africa and through the Suez canal (ie more expensive option). If I were the Iranians I’d pull back from Syria and consolidate what I have in Iraq because there;s a real possibility that the Obama-Iran nuke deal might either be sabotaged by AIPAC dominated Congress or angry Revolutionary Guard officers who think too much was given away. Either way the gains the Iranians made since the fall of Saddam (ie post 2003/2004) may come undone the next two or three years time with catastrophic consequences for its proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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