Photo: Li Ying/Xinhua

I spoke on Saturday with talkRADIO’s Claudia Vanderpuije about the UK’s problems — and the Johnson Government’s cynical negligence — from Coronavirus to Brexit.

Listen from 23:08 in 1700-1730 Segment

With Coronavirus cases nearing their daily high from January, I discuss how the Government is standing aside on containment measures such as mask-waaring, as people await the rollout of booster vaccinations.

If we don’t limit movement, we are going to have a spike. We are less likely to die because we have been vaccinated, but you can’t guarantee that….

We are going to have to live with Coronavirus as a fact of life. The issue is how we live sensibly with Coronavirus.

Then I analyze the latest consequences of Brexit, such as supply chain problems, as the Government threatens the disorder of scrapping the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Rather than establish a system fit for purpose, the Johnson Government has postured about how unjust the Northern Ireland Protocol is, and how we need to get rid of it — even though getting rid of it would break international law.

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