R to L: Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, and Doug Emhoff at a Coronavirus memorial ceremony outside the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, January 19, 2021


I spoke with talkRADIO’s Harriet Minter just after the Senate’s 57-43 outcome, 10 votes short of convicting Donald Trump over incitement of insurrection.

We discuss Saturday’s developments up to the vote, and what happens to the Republican Party with a possible Trump run for the Presidency in 2024.

We know there are Trumpists who will stick with him come hell or high water. This is not so much Biden v. Republicans now. It’s the split within the Republican Party.

Can the Biden Administration reach out to moderate Republicans for a bipartisan approach to issues such as the Coronavirus pandemic?

Listen to Discussion from 2:42

Earlier in the day, I chatted with Alexis Conran on Times Radio about the Trump trial and what happens next.

Listen to Discussion from 1:05.39

ORIGINAL ENTRY, FEB 13: In a 28-minute discussion, I joined Turkey’s ANews on Friday night to analyze the impeachment trial of Donald Trump and — more importantly — how the US can recover in its most significant crisis since 1865.

After a look at the state of the trial, I consider the fragmentation of the Republican Party. Then I evaluate the Biden Administration’s effort at repair, from the Coronavirus pandemic to the economy to social issues, with the most ambitious domestic program since Franklin Delano Roosevent during the Great Depression in 1933.

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It is time for America to return to what it said was, at the time of its founding in the 18th century.

If you’re a city on a hill, if you’re a beacon to the world, you first must be a beacon of light to your people and not try to oppress them with the darkness of insult, with the darkness of hatred, and with the darkness of incitement.