I spoke with Turkey’s TRT World on Tuesday about the political and medical gambles around Trump’s demand to be let out of hospital.

We also discuss if the White House is hiding Trump’s refusal to take a Coronavirus test before debating Democratic nominee Joe Biden on September 29, and Biden’s optimal handling of the issue in the last four weeks of the campaign.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, OCT 6: I joined BBC Hereford’s Elliott Webb on Tuesday morning to discuss the pose struck by Donald Trump, still sick with Coronavirus, after he left Walter Reed Military Hospital on Monday evening.

I examine Trump’s rhetoric and PR images, not just for his political future but for the effect on the families of Coronavirus victims and those still suffering amid the pandemic.

Listen to Discussion from 2:21.58

EA on CBC: Trump, the Coronavirus Drive-By, and Confusion/Deception
TrumpWatch, Day 1,355: Coronavirus — Trump to 210,181 Killed Americans, “Do Not Be Afraid”

Just imagine you are watching that as a relative of one of the 210,181 Americans who have been killed by the virus.

Just imagine you are watching that and you are still suffering from the virus or have a family member who is suffering and you can’t get the “kitchen sink” treatment provided to Trump.

Just imagine you are watching that as a hospital worker on the frontline, and how you react when you see him take off that mask, defying medical advice.