Donald Trump poses for the camera, Walter Reed Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland, October 4, 2020

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I joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday to explain why Donald Trump went on his Coronavirus drive-by outside Walter Reed Hospital — and why Trump, his campaign, and the White House are complementing his illness with confusion and deception.

Dexamethasone is a steroid that briefly suppresses the infection and gives you an energy boost. Just before making his video and going on the drive-by, Trump is boosted by the steroid injection.

But those steroids are not supposed to be used for mild or moderate cases of Coronavirus, only for serious or severe cases.

So is Donald Trump — partly because of his ego, partly because of his need for a re-election boost — taking those steroids and possibly endangering the health of hospital staff and those in a closed car with him, for the sake of a photo opportunity?

And what is the state of his health when those steroids wear off?