Israeli military personnel look from the Golan Heights over southwest Syria, November 2017 (Reuters)


As it strikes pro-Assad positions in southwest Syria, the Israeli military is dropping leaflets warning regime forces against involvement with Hezbollah or Iran-backed militias in the area.

The leaflets are being distributed in Quneitra Province, where the Israel Defense Forces struck on Tuesday night.

Syrian State media said a school was hit, but local sources said the “school” was a training base for a militia backed by Iran and Hezbollah.

The Israeli leaflets named regime military commanders such as Gen. Ali Asaad of the 1st Brigade and Gen. Akram Hawija of the Fifth Division

ORIGINAL ENTRY, OCT 21: Israel’s warplanes have struck Assad regimetria for the first time since mid-September.

Missiles were fired near Quneitra in the Syrian Golan Heights on Tuesday night, according to Syrian State news agency SANA. Unconfirmed reports said positions of Hezbollah or an Iranian-supported militia were hit, while SANA declared that a school was struck.

Following its standard practice, the Israel Defense Forces did not comment.

Israel periodically attacks regime, Iranian, and Hezbollah bases and posts, trying to force Iran’s withdrawal from the 115-month Syrian conflict, a degrading of Assad regime capabilities, and a cutoff of Iranian weapons transfers to Hezbollah.

The last Israeli strike was on September 14. An attack near al-Bukamal, in eastern Syria near the Iraq border, reportedly killed 10 Iran-supported militamen.

Two weeks ago, Israeli troops destroyed two regime military posts in a raid in the zone between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights, signaling to the Assad regime not to advance towards the Israeli-occupied part of the area.