In our latest 15-minute review of US politics, I joined Times Radio’s Alexis Conran on Sunday to discuss the wildfires on the West Coast, and how Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and Congressional candidates are handling Donald Trump’s scorched-earth politics.

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We begin with the latest situation in California and Oregon, with fires still raging across more than 400,000 acres, and why Trump is only now noticing the disaster.

Then I take on the issues of the 2020 US elections, from Coronavirus to the economy to Trump’s denigration of the military as “losers” and “suckers”. I summarize the Biden campaign so far, and again knock back the disinformation which the Trump camp hopes will triumph over both the issues and the former Vice President.

On the level of reality, Joe Biden and his Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris have been campaigning across the US not just to say, “Trump is awful”, but to ask, “How do you responsibly deal with Coronavirus?” They’ve unveiled a detailed economic plan. They’ve been dealing with issues of social justice and bringing communities together.

But on the level of disinformation, it’s a different situation.

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Beyond the White House, we introduce the contest to control the Senate, beginning with an unexpectedly tough challenge to Trump’s friend Lindsey Graham from the first-time challenger Jamie Harrison in South Carolina.

Trump is playing this “culture of fear” game on many issues. And then on Coronavirus, he tries to escape being negligent by saying, “I’m smart enough to protect you all from panicking.”

He can’t have it both ways.