Nine Parliamentary committees have assailed President Hassan Rouhani over Iran’s economic crisis.

The committees issued a Friday statement for Rouhani (pictured) to change his approach, less than a year before Presidential elections.

[The President] should change the way he has been managing the affairs of the state during the first seven years of his Presidency to alleviate the nation’s financial problems and to stabilize the markets….[He has sworn] to guard and implement a constitutional provision that calls for decent housing and employment for every individual in the nation.

Iran is in long-term decline over production, investment, trade, and employment amid structural and financial issues and comprehensive US sanctions.

Oil exports have fallen by up to 95% since April 2018. Sales to China, Iran’s largest customer, are down 53% and trade with Turkey has dropped 70%. The Iranian rial is at an all-time low, breaking the 200,000:1 mark v. the US dollar this week.

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Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani, a member of Parliament’s Economic Committee, warned that the Majlis will summon Rouhani for questioning if he does not set out a plan to deal with inflation.

Hardliners took control of Parliament in February elections, with reformists largely shut out after their success in 2016. The new Speaker, former Tehran Mayor and Presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, immediately staked out the Government’s economic record as a priority concern.

The letter from the Parliamentary committees challenged Rouhani “to look in the face of children who are searching the garbage for food, and those who are working at a fragile age”.

It asked, “Are you aware of foodstuff prices?”, among an inflation rate of more than 40%.

The legislators criticized Rouhani for “unaccepatble” behavior, allegedly learning about events and crises too late and responding with just a smile.