I joined Monocle 24’s Markus Hippi on Wednesday to examine US-China tensions amid Donald Trump and his inner circle blaming Beijing for Coronavirus.

We look at Trump’s motives and China’s response in considering both the domestic and international consequences: while Trump pursues re-election, Beijing is exploiting perceived US failure in handling the crisis.

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EA on TRT World: Coronavirus — Fact v. Politics Over Trump and China

Listen from 2:08:

Once you get past the early stage of Coronavirus, China sees this as a win. It’s the Trump Administration which has been completely ineffective and now has the highest death toll in the world, whereas China has continued this serious epidemic.

Beijing will go to others and say, “We have been the adults here. Stick with us rather than Washington.”

China does not confront the US head on. They go instead to global opinion with this form of soft power.