I joined Monocle 24’s Georgina Godwin for a 10-minute discussion of the ongoing disaster of the Trump Administration’s approach to Coronavirus as the official US death toll passes 90,000 and confirmed cases top 1.5 million.

Listen from 19:50:

Godwin opens the interview, “At what point does Donald Trump become a danger to the American public?”

My reply:

He already is a danger to the American public….

To be honest with you, the best thing the media could do right now is ignore Trump and focus on those people — including the medical experts within the Administration, the State governors, the public health experts — who are trying to do something effective in this crisis.

Because Donald Trump’s priority is not American lives. It is getting re-elected and avoiding any responsibility over his part in this pandemic.

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We also discuss Trump’s pursuit of “total control” without accountability by firing Inspectors General across the US Government, and the possibility that Trump may try to delay the November elections.

After reviewing other Coronavirus developments, including the Republican-led Senate’s blocking of a bill which include funds for testing and tracing, I conclude:

America cannot take four more years of this. A country that once proudly could say it had a system that others could look to — a system that for all its faults could do good — is not broken.