Assad regime troops in Daraa Province, southern Syria, July 2018

Two more Assad regime intelligence officers have been assassinated in Daraa Province in southern Syria.

The shootings were confirmed on Saturday, the latest in a series of killings of regime officials and former rebels who now work with the security forces.

Pro-Assad forces reoccupied Daraa Province, where the Syrian uprising began in March 11, and the rest of southern Syria in 2018. However, the regime has been unable to quell guerrilla attacks by an ongoing insurgency.

Analyst Abdullah al-Jabassini has recorded at least 450 attacks since July 2018, including shootings, improvised explosive devices, and motorcycle and car bombs.

Reports say 207 pro-Assad troops and officials, including 45 former rebels, have been slain since June 2019. Almost 60 civilians have died.

The attacks have compounded Russian concern with the rule of Bashar al-Assad. Moscow is reportedly unsettled by the regime’s inability to establish order, as well as widespread corruption, the cost of reconstruction, refusal to compromise for a political settlement, and a contest for resources between the regime, Russia, and Iran.

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In March, regime forces attacked Sanamayn in northern Daraa to oust a group of rebels, but the assault failed to check the attacks. At least 31 regime soldiers and militiamen have been assassinated since then, according to Jabassini.