I joined talkRADIO’s James Max on Monday to discuss challenges for both the opposition Labour Party and the ruling Conservative Party after the UK General Election on December 12.

Listen from 4:52 during 0700-0730 Segment

The 10-minute discussion begins with a look at Labour as it chooses a leader to succeed Jeremy Corbyn, with my assessment that the party needs to focus on how to present its competence on issues of concern to those who left it 10 days ago — public services, health, housing, climate change, and education.

But the chat gets interesting when I point out that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also has had a “loose relationship with the truth”, will be facing the task of completing a full Brexit agreement with the European Union.

In a response likely to foreshadow Conservative tactics if they flounder and near the deadline of December 31 for a deal, Max tries to bury the topic with “Who’s going to be the new Labour leader?” (I don’t know.)

After embracing the notion that Johnson can deliver a “rainbow unicorn”, he concludes by shouting, inaccurately, “Brexit is done! Boris has won! Get over it!”

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