I joined EuroNews on Friday to discuss the formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump and Trump’s heated response on Twitter and in public statements.

EA Video Analysis: Will Trump Be Impeached? Will He Be Convicted?
EA on Monocle 24 and BBC: A Formal Impeachment Inquiry Into Donald Trump Over Ukraine and Biden Investigation

The strength of the evidence in the Trump-Ukraine case, through more than a dozen current or former US officials, is the documenting a campaign by Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani to pressure Kyiv into opening an investigation into the Presidential candidate Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and to cover up Russia’s interference into the 2016 election,” he said.

Specifically, this campaign went so far, that according to officials, Donald Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine…unless the investigations were opened….

Donald Trump never takes a step back and he believes the best defense is a good offence. So we’ve gotten dozens of tweets and retweets using the same ritual he used for the Russia inquiry — “a witch hunt”, “a hoax”, and “a sham”…

But if you go through Trump’s public statements and his Twitter lines, he’s extremely rattled. He’s concerned.