A day after the Mueller Report found collusion between the Trump camp and Russia and its intermediaries — and obstruction or attempted obstruction of justice by Donald Trump in eight cases — I spoke with radio and TV outlets and recorded a Facebook Live video about the political spin v. reality of the report.

I was spurred by misleading headlines, fed by the false spin of Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr of “No Obstruction, No Collusion”. Rather than focusing on the politics trying to reshape Mueller’s findings, it is essential that we begin by establishing and considering those conclusions.

Otherwise, we risk ignoring the necessary responsiblity and accountability after a foreign power, supporting a Presidential candidate, tried to subvert the American democracy and system.

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Listen to Monocle 24 from 1:11:

Q: Do you think we will ever get to the bottom of what happened?

A: We know. Even though the Mueller Report is heavily redacted, it’s there.

We know the Russians were stealing material and giving it to WikiLeaks to damage Hillary Clinton. We know that Donald Trump and his advisors not only knew about it, but encouraged it. We know that Donald Trump tried to stop this investigation on multiple occasions.

If we want to know, it’s there. But do people want to know, or do they prefer a comfort zone where the myth overtakes the reality?