UPDATE 1015 GMT: Professor David Dunn of the University of Birmingham speaks with BBC outlets about Trump’s latest remarks, trying to avoid impeachment and evade his lies:

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Fundamentally, there are about 30% of the US population who like the fact he is not Barack Obama.

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This is a clever way to blame the Democrats when the markets do start overheating.

I joined BBC Radio Coventry on Thursday to discuss Donald Trump’s unusual — even by his standards — interview with Fox TV, in which he proclaimed, “If I ever got impeached, I think the [stock] market would crash.”

Trump continued, “Everybody would be very poor, because [pointing at his head] without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in reverse.”

Trump then put out a series of false statements, including “$10 trillion” added to the US economy and China’s falling by “$15 trillion”.

Asked by host Phil Upton, “Why would you impeach Trump if the economy is doing well?”, I reply, “The reason you impeach him is because he broke the law” and then discuss the economic realities.

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Trump once declared himself to be a “Stable Genius”.

The markets do like stability. What the markets do not like is instability — and the instability that is going to be caused, and will continue to be caused, by the revelations about possible conspiracy with Russia and by Trump’s behavior, which is erratic to say the best….

That’s what the markets really don’t like.

Trump’s interview with Fox: